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Letter: Parade entries should be vetted first

I was very disappointed in some signs in the Cloquet Labor Day parade.

"Trump won" isn't a political statement. Police officers died on Jan. 6 over an issue that isn't valid at all.

There was a person walking in the parade wearing a shirt that said "Kamala isn't black." Huh?

Where is there conversation in this?

Lastly, the last two vehicles didn't represent anything. There was no business promoted or political backing. However, they had a "Police Lives Matter" flag, and a "Black Guns Matter" bumper sticker. I feel about racism the way the Supreme Court sees porn - you know it when you see it.

I understand that the Central Labor Body used to screen the content in the parade. Was any screening done on this parade? There was racist content in the parade.

Robert Peacock,


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