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Take part in the color season

It's fall, and the Pine Knot is continuing the tradition of asking readers to send in their best fall color photos. It is expected to be a short season this year, with abnormally dry conditions. But it will be interesting and different. And remember, fall color can be found anywhere, as editor Jana Peterson found at the Cloquet Forestry Center last week, at right. Send in your snaps to [email protected]. Place the words "fall color" in the subject line so we don't miss your email.

Cloquet photographer Dana Malkovich took the stunning photo above at Jay Cooke State Park on the St. Louis River at sunset on Sept. 11. Lining the shore of the St. Louis, aspens and birches are starting to show a little bit of color. Malkovich said the clouds at sunset had covered the western sky, but just as the sun sank below the horizon, its last rays were briefly highlighted under the clouds, and then it was quickly gone. At sunset, he said, sunlight travels a longer path to reach our eyes, and the red rays are scattered the least by the molecules of the atmosphere, turning the sunset red. "Anyone old enough to recall Sept. 11, 20 years ago, will know what they were doing when they learned of the dreadful events that had occurred in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. On that day, what we think about ourselves as Americans, and how we relate to the rest of the world, changed forever."