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Letter To The Editor: West End event was wonderful

Hooray, hooray to the staff of the Pine Knot News. Thanks to Ivan Hohnstadt, Jana Peterson and everyone else who helped organize the Sept. 25 West End Flourish event. They brought the sleepy west end of Cloquet alive, at least for a day.

It was nice seeing people walk along the street to see what was going on and to visit the vendors along the way. So was stopping to see an old friend and give them a hug, handshake or elbow bump with a smile or a laugh.

I would take a minute to look out my windows on Avenue C and Vine Street and see a crowd in the VFW parking lot enjoying some food. I could see people everywhere in the West End of Cloquet. If nothing else, the West End was brought back to life for a day, thanks to the vendors bringing visitors to see there are still businesses here in our historic district.

My son, Dave, and friend, Gale, were here at The Rock Place to lend me a hand. We had a great time. Thanks to all those who came in. Some bought items, some came in to say hi, some to just see what we’re all about.

The event was well set up. Vendors had space, people had room to walk around and were able to see what was going on, without having to watch for traffic. Heck, Ivan even knew how to make the sun come out and warm up the afternoon. When the event was over, there was no garbage in the streets that I could see, a big plus after an event like this.

What a day we had. Great job. Thanks.

Carol Risdon, Cloquet

The letter writer is the owner of The Rock Place in the West End.