No charges for chicken release


November 5, 2021

According to Carlton County Sheriff Kelly Lake, there will be no charges against the business owners who released 200-300 “spent” chickens into the woods near their farm in Twin Lakes Township because they were no longer laying enough eggs.

A deputy talked to Promised Land Farm owners Rob and Lori Gamble. By that time the chickens had all been rounded up by volunteers, including Kyleen Pedersen, the person who reached out on social media to various local chicken groups.

“We use our discretion sometimes. The chickens were safe and gone,” Lake said. “After speaking with the owners, the deputy was confident this wouldn’t happen again.”

Lake added that the public scrutiny from Facebook and the Oct. 15 Pine Knot News story “was far more egregious” than anything the business owners would see through the criminal justice system.

The Gambles said they will post information on taking hens they no longer want to keep on the farm’s Facebook page and at the website, Those who would like to be on a list to be contacted when hens are available should email [email protected].


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