Letter to The Editor: In time of need, Cloquet delivers


February 11, 2022

When we moved to Cloquet about 30 years ago, we felt we were moving to a nice town. We were wrong. It’s a great town.

I recently injured my foot and have found it difficult to get around. A lady who was traveling by when I fell jumped out of her car to try and help me up. People have tried to help in so many ways. I cannot count the number of people who have tried to help when they see me struggle with my cane. People have reached for items at the store for me. They have taken my packages and put them in our truck. They have opened doors and taken special care to see how I was doing. Anything to help.

Cloquet is really a great town to live in. The staff at our hospital were great too.

Sheila Peterson, Cloquet


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