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Letter to the editor: Opinion articles are well-said

Opinion articles are well-said

A jackpot! Three articles that reinforced why your paper won the prestigious award [as the best weekly newspaper in the state].

-Our View: “Choices have consequences”: Clear, concise, truth in every sentence.

-Ann Markusen’s article: “Racism: a persistent American crisis”: Researched, informative, well-written. In fact, I am ordering one of her suggested books.

-Pete Radosevich’s article, “We need police, yes, but we also need police reform.”

Once again, Pete writes as though he is taking words from my mouth! If only people could understand that “defund the police” doesn’t mean we don’t want/need a police force! He says it perfectly. Change IS necessary.

Please accept my gratitude for your continued excellence in reporting.

I look forward to getting my Pine Knot each and every week!

Jan Green

Brooklyn Park