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Intersection closed

The intersection at Washington Avenue and 14th Street closed for construction Monday, and will likely be closed for the rest of the summer as workers replace the four-way stop with a roundabout. Work on the roundabout is scheduled to be completed before school starts again in September, said assistant city engineer John Anderson. Fourteenth Street has been closed from Prospect Avenue to Washington Avenue since May 16 for a full replacement of the street and underlayers, including the replacement of water and sewer lines by the city.

Once Phase 1 work is done, Ulland Bros. will shift work south, from Washington Avenue to Tall Pine Lane. The full street is not being replaced in Phase 2; rather, workers will grind up the current pavement and mix it with underlying material before repaving over the top of that.

The county will finish the work this summer with a pavement reclamation project from Tall Pine to the Interstate 35 bridge.