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Weekly weeders

Good conversation and beautifying the perennial flower garden at a trailhead in Carlton go hand in hand. A small group of women gets together weekly to enjoy one another’s company and improve the flower garden across from the firehall at the Munger Trail.

The crabapple tree and original shrubbery were planted approximately 20 years ago. A suggestion to upgrade the area inspired the City of Carlton, a 4-H group and the Carlton County Master Gardeners to transform the tired area into something new and beautiful — thus the start of the perennial flower garden.

The city stepped up to remove the old shrubbery and to pay for the regional variety of perennial flowers. One of the city council members contacted a 4-H group and the Master Gardeners to see if they were willing to put in some “skin” into transforming the area, with the answer a resounding “yes.”

The project took off, and is still going strong. A big thanks to the women who diligently show up 9-10 a.m. every Wednesday to keep the weeds at bay and the variety of flowers beautifying the area. Many walkers, runners, bicyclists and playground participants stop by to offer compliments on the garden and appreciation for the work they do.

Ruth Jorgenson, Carlton

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