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Letter: Don't bring down our school

I've never responded to an editorial before, but I can't let this pass.

We have been fighting so hard to keep our school going and great things have happened up until this school board decided to run with rumors, become racist, fight against the core teachers who make our school what it is and feel threatened by our superintendent. One who is so valuable because she understands the system and put together — along with her colleagues — the updating of our building.

No only on that level does she shine, she knows our students personally. She takes the time to talk with them. And she has made sure that the teachers do the same. Not only in their classes but to students they meet in the hallway. They watch out as much as possible.

And no, not everything is perfect. I'm just saying that these teachers and staff do care.

How is it that the school board can rule from their limited contact? I am one who agrees with last week’s editorial. Resign your position before you bring down our school.

Debbie Hustad,