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The community lost a great man Sept. 5, when Howard Eskuri passed away. He was the Kalevala Township clerk, a member of the Kettle River American Legion and the deacon of the Leonard Cemetery. He will be missed by many friends and relatives. Funeral services are Saturday, Sept. 17 at 11 a.m. at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Kettle River. Memorials in his honor may be made to the Leonard Cemetery in Kettle River and mailed to the Hamlin-Hansen-Kosloski Funeral Home, PO Box 338, Moose Lake MN 55767.

When leaving a card for the family at a funeral, it helps the family if you include your address and phone number for when they try to send thank-you cards.

There will be a Ma & Pa Kettle Days planning meeting at 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 18 at the Kettle River senior center. We need people who want the Ma & Pa Kettle Days organization to continue to come to this meeting.

Hopefully we will have another crowd attending the Finnish Luncheon at noon Tuesday, Sept. 20, at the Kettle River senior center. The last Finnish Luncheon for the season is Oct.18. We will be saying goodbye and safe travels to all our snowbirds.

Quilting at Holy Trinity is every Wednesday from 9 a.m. until noon unless the weather is bad. You do not have to be a member of Holy Trinity to join us. Most of the quilts we make are donated to charities. Donations of new cotton fabric are appreciated. Donations can be brought to the church during quilting time or brought to me.

Here’s a tale of two schools to make you think:

It was the best of schools. It was the worst of schools.

Micheal went to the best of schools. He had the finest teacher who cared about what she was teaching and whom she was teaching.

Jonathan went to the worst of schools. The teacher was boring and did nothing in class.

Micheal’s school had a wonderful principal who became involved with the children and their families and saw that the school was well-run.

Jonathan’s principal was an annoying fellow who consistently badgered the parents about poor attendance, repeated lateness and lack of preparation for class.

Micheal’s school was modern. They offered assemblies, family programs, music, videos, and more to keep the program up to date.

Jonathan’s school was old-fashioned. They expected the students to learn history, geography, English and math and do homework.

Micheal’s parents spoke with the school frequently to check on his program and sign him up for some of the extra programs they were offered.

The school spoke with Jonathan’s parents frequently to discuss his poor behavior and lack of progress.

When a special program was to be given, Micheal’s parents asked how many parts in the program he could do.

Jonathan’s parents asked if he had to recite something, because after all, “your school never taught him to read.”

Micheal went to the best of schools; Jonathan went to the worst of schools.

Micheal and Jonathan were in the same class!

This tale by an anonymous author was making the rounds of school bulletins. Its message requires no further comment. The schools are trying their best; please support their efforts to give your child a quality school experience.

Marcia Sarvela is a resident of Kettle River. Contact her at [email protected] or 218-273-4045.