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Letters: I'd rather have Radosevich

“Would You Rather?” is a great game to play with your friends and family. On Election Day, Nov. 8, voters can play “Would You Rather?” in the House District 11A race between Pete Radosevich and Jeff Dotseth. Let’s play!

Would you rather vote for someone who fundraises himself, or would you rather vote for someone who is supported by outside special interest groups that are spending big bucks to influence your vote?

Would you rather have a leader who has proven himself able and committed to listening to all sides, or would you rather have someone who has lost his past two election campaigns and can’t seem to take “no thanks” for an answer from 11A voters?

Would you rather elect someone who promises to represent all residents in the district, or someone heavily supported by the extreme far right and those hoping to ban abortions in Minnesota and opposed to common sense gun laws?

Would you rather have someone serving our democracy who believes the 2020 election results or someone who supports the Big Lie through posting on his Facebook page on 12-06-2020 that “It’s not over Patriots, another amazing evening at the March for Trump bus tour!!!” with accompanying video and chants of “four more years?”

Would you rather have someone serving 11A who believes that solutions — not slogans — solve problems, or would you rather have someone who looks to Trump, the pillow guy and MAGA extremists for answers?

Please do your own research.

My answer to the “Would You Rather?” game is easy. I would rather have Pete Radosevich working for us in St. Paul. Join me in voting for Pete Radosevich between now and Nov. 8.

Kim Matteen Orlowski,