Letters: Pete will represent all residents


October 14, 2022

I come from a family of patriots. My grandfather, father, two of my sons and I — four generations — have served in the United States Armed Forces, from World War II to Iraq. It is because of my sense of duty to America that I feel compelled to weigh in on our election choices.

My grandfather taught me to pay attention to whom we elect as our leaders and that they will preserve our Democratic ideals. This letter is to show my support for Pete Radosevich to represent us in Minnesota House District 11A. His message is simple, to serve the people in our district and not any one political party. He knows that the problems we are trying to solve are complex and ever-changing. He has the intelligence and adaptability to seek solutions rather than govern for the benefit of a political party.

His opponent, Jeff Dotseth, is in lockstep with his political party and offers propaganda rather than real solutions. His business interest is in Sherburne County and not in our district. Worst of all, he will seek to erode the freedoms of women in our state. Please join me in my vote for Pete Radosevich.

Ross Peterson, Cloquet


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