Letters: Would Dotseth really represent us?


October 14, 2022

Weighing in on a political race is just not something I normally do, but I have concerns that I would like to share with my fellow voters.

I wonder, is Jeff Dotseth truly focused on the needs of 11A? His realty business office address is in Zimmerman, Minnesota, closer to the Twin Cities than to District 11A. The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board website information for his campaign shows his campaign chair and treasurer both live outside the district (in Anoka and Cambridge).

How can he truly understand and represent the issues unique to our area if, as it appears, much of his focus is outside of 11A? Do we really want to elect someone whose primary interest does not seem to be our home area?

Regardless of your political leanings, I think it is important that we elect someone that knows us, knows our issues, and has 11A as his priority. Pete Radosevich lives in our community. He bases his business in Carlton County, and has for many years. His children attend our schools. He appears to me to have a very balanced view and I trust that he will represent our district’s concerns over those of the Twin Cities; that he will be focused on the needs of 11A versus being focused on the views of one political party.

Carolyn Warner, Cloquet


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