Letters: Snow angels are all around


January 20, 2023

I want to thank the “snow angels” that appeared in the last few weeks. Before the snow stopped falling during the “blue blizzard,” social media was filled with posts asking for help and others offering assistance.

Cloquet residents asked for help getting driveways cleared, and others offered to run to the store for groceries for those not able to get out.

Like many, I shoveled several times a day in an attempt to keep up with the neverending fluffy stuff falling from the sky.

I did OK on the first day. I even managed after the first time the plow went by. I think most of us have a love-hate relationship with the city and county plows. We love that they clean up the roads so we can get around, but hate the big piles they leave at the end of our driveways three seconds after we finish shoveling.

A friend asked a snow angel to stop by and clean up the end of my driveway, and he did. I want to let all of the angels out there know that we appreciate you.

Jamie Lund, Cloquet


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