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Choral students shine


March 10, 2023

Ann Markusen

Cromwell-Wright choral students warmed up at the subsection contest in Virginia on Tuesday and came away with high marks.

Cromwell-Wright choir students worked hard this past month and it paid off as many students achieved high marks at the choral subsection contest Tuesday, March 7, at Virginia High School.

Max Hanni and Aurora Gervais, Brian Goodrich and Grace Swenson, and Kieriahna Goodin and Haylee McCuskey received "Excellent" ratings for their duets, as did Brian Goodrich, Grace Swenson, Trinity King, Kieriahna Goodin, Kaylee Smith and Haylee McCuskey for their solos.

Gracie Foley and Kaylee Smith won a "Superior" on their duet. Aurora Gervais and Johnathon Schiller achieved "Superior" ratings on their solos. Catriona Cahoon, Gracie Foley, Gary Fredrickson, Aurora Gervais, Kieriahna Goodin, Brian Goodrich, Max Hanni, Keira Hascall, Cameron Johnson, Trinity King, Haylee McCuskey, Theo Mickelson, Johnathon Schiller, Dylan Schulte, Kaylee Smith and Grace Swenson achieved a "Superior" for their ensemble's performance of "Build Me Up Buttercup" (pictured).

"You're a credit to yourself, your families, your school and your community," said choir teacher MaryRose Varo of her students.


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