Prevent well contamination


April 28, 2023

Private wells and the water in them can be impacted by flooding with a risk of contamination. In addition, floodwaters can disrupt or damage the well or the supply lines connected to it. Damage may not be visible and can make cleanup and repairs difficult.

• If your well is submerged and connected to a power source, be careful of the risk of electrocution.

• If floodwaters get into your well, you will need to contact a licensed well contractor to inspect and clean out the well.

• If floodwaters reach your well, but didn’t enter the well, the well should be disinfected, and then tested for coliform bacteria. You need a negative result to safely drink your well water.

• If floodwaters are within 50 feet of your well, but have not reached your well, the Minnesota Department of Health recommends testing for coliform bacteria as a precaution, but disinfection is not needed before you test the water.

Carlton County residents can purchase well water analysis test kits from the Carlton County Zoning and Environmental Services Department.


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