Letter to the editor: More explanation needed from Dotseth


July 14, 2023

I don’t know who did what as far as securing funding by Jeff Dotseth.

What I do believe is although he voted against Democratic bills, he could have done a lot more.

Maybe I expected too much, but I was disappointed that he didn’t explain in depth to voters what was in those bills. There was so much done in such a short time that I believe people still don’t know what was in them. I know Jeff had time, because he was on social media politicking a lot (thumbs up).

It’s too bad such an opportunity was wasted, but I guess Jeff has his priorities.

As the former chairman of the Carlton County Republican Party, and one who worked most of six years (parades, fair, fundraising, sign pounding, etc.) to elect Jeff, it saddens me.

Tony Sheda,



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