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Carlton School Board member needed ASAP

The Carlton School District needs to find a replacement for Tim Hagenah, who resigned in June, to serve until formal elections can be held in November. Anyone chosen would hold the seat until the winner of November’s special election takes over. State law requires that a successor to Hagenah be appointed until the next election.

In an email to the Pine Knot News, board chairperson Julianne Emerson said she hoped there could be a choice ready for the board to select by this month’s regular board meeting on Aug. 21.

“Due to the very short term of service, the board agreed … to look to previous board members who will not need much time to get up to speed with procedure or board business,” she said.

“This person will only serve at two school board meetings (October and November), [so] we are appointing, rather than advertising,” Superintendent Donita Stepan further advised.

Stepan went on to explain that board members would have the opportunity to nominate other candidates as well, and the one with the majority vote will serve until the election. State law does not specify how school boards should choose a candidate.

As a practical matter, another board member will allow Carlton to more easily maintain a quorum. In July, the school board meeting was held up for 30 minutes waiting for the arrival of Sam Ojibway, without whom there would have been only three members present. Emerson ruled that was not enough to conduct business, so the start of the meeting was delayed until Ojibway was seated.

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