Letter to the editor: Kudos to Northeast clean energy efforts


September 1, 2023

As someone who works across Minnesota helping communities harness the benefits of clean energy, I am thoroughly impressed by northeast Minnesota community clean energy efforts. The region is home to various meaningful clean energy related projects. Among others, projects led by the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa come to mind.

The Fond du Lac Band has constructed an award-winning resource management building, a 1-megawatt solar field, a biomass district heat system, Tesla 8 vehicle charging stations, a Forest Carbon Sequestration Project, and an organic farm. The organization I work for, Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs), recently provided seed grant support to the Fond du Lac Band to provide tours and discuss pathways to achieve sustainable living with schools, colleges, organizations, and the public.

This is just one of many extraordinary projects going on in northeast Minnesota’s clean energy world, and I feel momentum is building for future projects. There are more EV charging stations popping up all the time, schools are working to access the Solar For Schools grant program, and businesses are using property assessed clean energy financing to reduce their energy bills.

Lastly, a resource to share! If your organization is looking for dollars toward your clean energy project (big or small) check out CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org. CERTs distributes seed grant money to all kinds of community organizations, all over the state, doing great clean energy work.

Joel Haskard,

St. Paul

Clean Energy Resource Teams Co-Director


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