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Notes from the small pond: Nothing matters

Since matter cannot be created or destroyed, it follows that the same earthly deposit of gold, from which Cleopatra’s boat was built, as she sailed the warm, breezy, mosquito-thick Nile with Marc Antony — no wait, Julius Caesar (Cleopatra got around!) — approximately 47 years before Jesus of Nazareth was born — is the same stuff in Olga Korbut’s Olympic gold medal from 1972 and the wedding ring I gave my wife in 1988 and again in 2009 and the same stuff my dad gave my mom in 1962 and the same conductive material that makes your cell phone ring in the middle of the night to tell you something awful.

As a Matter of Fact, Nothing Really Matters unless you happen to be a mineral or Freddie Mercury.

The ubiquity of Matter and the inherent, impossibly frustrating nature of its indestructibility/uncreativability, inevitably and unerringly points to reincarnation as The Deal.

We’ve been here before. And will be again. And again. And again.

I get it. Those of us with a Christian backbone will bend it backward and cry Blasphemy! because that’s how we’re trained — there’s only one way, OUR way, or you can’t get through the eye of the needle and Make It into eternal salvation. Pffft … Prove it .…

What if eternal salvation is absent the puffy cloud-drifting of old white guys (U.S. Congressmen) with shepherd staffs and Grecian togas and long white beards and the guys (not many girls in the biblical paintings of antiquity … not to mention the GLTBQIA crowd) and is, instead, just this .…

Planet Earth, which doesn’t give a damn if any humanoids — Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jainisists, Atheists, Taxonomists, Satanists, etc., live another second, just turns. As it will.

With or without us.

Mostly without.

I know at least half of us hate and don’t believe Science. No Fauci for me, Dammit! And No Evolution, either! We ain’t no monkeys!

… well ... Yes we are.

And way worse. Monkeys don’t destroy their habitat. Cuz they wanna live there.

We destroy ours. Cuz we’re arrogant enough to believe God gave it to us to destroy at our whim … Manifest Destiny. Do tell … Our destiny is manifest … as the Earth is now telling us.

Anyway … anyone who’s lost anyone will either say: “It’s God’s will and it’s good” or “God sucks and it sucks.”

There might be Truth in the middle.

And it might Matter.

Cloquet’s Parnell Thill is an award-winning columnist and author of “Killing the Devil and Other Excellent Tricks,” available online. His opinions are his own. Contact him c/o [email protected].

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