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Letter to the editor: Stauber wants to divide at any cost

Rep. Stauber is on the wrong side of nearly every issue today, in my opinion. From wolves to MAGA to the United States Postal Service, he ignores the facts and plays to his base. An understandable political tactic, but very disingenuous and dangerous.

Stauber knows better, but fails at every turn to do the right thing. When Trump speaks in Hitleresque ways, using terms such as “vermin” to describe his opponents, where is Stauber’s condemnation? Only silence. Every horrible statement made by his Republican partners has gone cowardly unacknowledged, let alone condemned.

He uses the postal service and its leaders as punching bags but fails to say that Congress controls the USPS’s finances. Has Stauber advocated for additional USPS funding?

He blasts the idea of using electric delivery vehicles as incompatible with our climate, but can he cite one example of an EV postal vehicle in the district that failed to perform?

As for wolves, he plays to sentiment while ignoring science.

And now U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson has said he wants to blur the faces on the video of the Jan. 6 capitol stormers to protect them from “retribution,” or what the rest of us call justice and what police officers should call law enforcement. From ex-officer Stauber? Crickets.

Stauber’s newsletters are an exercise in distraction and misdirection to stoke anger, resentment, and division. Lying is destroying America, and Mr. Stauber, if not a liar, fails to tell the truth. And we know you know the truth, Mr. Congressman.

Mr. Stauber might as well sport the red hat, as he is completely captured by the MAGA cause. He could step up, like the valorous Liz Cheney, anger his base and be done as a politician, but he’d have the respect of more than half of all voters. When it comes to MAGA, if you’re not against them, you’re with them.

David Bellert,