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Online Feedback

The Pine Knot News Facebook page is the only place we allow comments on stories, which often provide insight or lead to other stories. Or just bring joy because the story is appreciated or advanced the community good. And then there are the times that people cross the line and start calling names. If we see those, we get rid of them without debate. Like this comment from Stephen Peterson: “Keep our original state flag, you thin-skinned morons.”

How did that comment add anything to the conversation?

Happily, rudeness didn’t rule the day. There was constructive criticism and some outright cheerleading, so we thought we’d shine a light on some of the respectful Facebook comments we spotted over the past two weeks.

On Pine Valley Park being designated a regional park:

This place is a community gold mine. Makes me want to live in Cloquet. ~ Steve Sydow

On the new lights and other winter activities at Lakehead Harvest in Thomson Township:

I was just there Friday the 2nd of December. It was really nice: they have food you can purchase; they have an area where you can make smores; indoor place to eat and kids activities, etc. ~ Debbie Antila

There was great debate around new state flag designs, including one from Cloquet’s Sarah Agaton Howes that was featured in the Pine Knot. Here are a handful of comments out of more than 65:

Of the final 6, this was my fav (three thumbs up emojis). To me, I see the North Star, trees and water. ~ Tony and Troy Peters

I really wish we could keep the flag we have!! It would be very nice if that option was included in the voting. ~ Pamela Line

It was nice to have an explanation for it but it doesn’t say Minnesota to me. None of the choices do. ~ Florence Ganter

That’s wonderful however nobody wants the flag changed absolutely no one cares ... great art but why the flag? Too many people trying to change America at one time. ~ Aaron Perkins

It’s so exciting to have someone from our own community representing us! All other opinions aside, I respect that you went for it and are having this amazing and courageous experience Giizh Agaton Howes. You never cease to impress. ~ Kyra Paitrick