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The next Kettle River City council meeting is 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 9 at the Kettle River Senior center. Everyone is encouraged to attend these meetings.

When I was working in pediatrics at a hospital about 60 miles from Chicago, we used postural drainage and vibrations on the children with pneumonia to help them clear their lungs. We had a five-bed room that we used for pneumonia patients. The older children would put their pillows on the floor on a blanket and lay on the bed with their heads on the pillow while we lightly pounded on their backs. The children thought this was a game, so if one had to hang over their bed, all of the children would hang off their beds.

One time, we had a 6-week old baby with pneumonia. The X-ray report said, “the patient has bilateral lower lobe pneumonia.” Because the baby was so small, we would just put him on a pillow with his head lower. When we would feed him, we would just pat his back like we were trying to burp him. The next week the X-ray said, “lower lobe pneumonia resolved, patient now has middle lobe pneumonia.” So we just continued with the same treatment. The next X-ray said, “middle lobe pneumonia resolved, patient now has upper lobe pneumonia.” So the doctor decided to send the baby to Chicago to Children’s hospital. We told the doctor that if he had just waited another week the baby would have just spit out all that mucus.