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Letter: Has Iowa shown us something?

Although Donald Trump won the Republican caucus in Iowa, it was the lowest voter turnout in years with only 14 percent of registered voters, according to David Muir of ABC News.

Weather may have contributed. However, this means 86 percent failed to participate in the caucus, leaving one to believe there are many undecided voters who will wait until November to cast their votes, depending on one of the many lawsuits yet to be decided against Trump.

As a voter who has lived through 14 presidents, I believe there has been too much drama during No. 45’s reign and too much division to carry one toward autocracy.

It is only my opinion that the women of this great nation will be voting massively as their freedom to choose has been vilified. My prediction? Look for a blue wave, as the Republican red wave was merely a ripple.

That being said, the clergy should preach the gospel rather than focus on Commandment

No. 6, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and abortion. If they claim Trump to have been called by God, maybe they’ll realize they’ve fallen prey to a false idol (outlined in Commandment No. 1).

Perhaps then some sanity will return to politics and the American way of life will return to normal. Then we Americans can do as Rodney King pleaded: “Can’t we just get along?”

Tim Kaspari, Wrenshall

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