Letter to the Editor: Story spurs action on wandering letter


February 16, 2024

In regard to the “Sticky letter” article in the Feb. 9 edition of the Pine Knot News, the very next morning a U.S. Postal Service mail van pulled up to my house. The postmaster of the Saginaw post office stepped out of the van and introduced herself. She told me that she had learned about a letter being repeatedly delivered incorrectly to my address. She asked me if I still had the letter. I did, and I gave it to her. She said she was going to personally make sure the letter got delivered to the correct address.

Well done, Pine Knot News. You’ve once again indicated the effectiveness of a local newspaper reporting on the issues happening in the region. You made the USPS sit up and take notice of a recurring problem that was going on within one of its rural mail routes. They immediately stepped up and took ownership of the solution and that is to their credit.

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Sean Sundquist,



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