Letter: Hard work pays dividends


February 23, 2024

Urban legends and conspiracy theories are sometimes difficult to overcome, especially when they are often repeated. This appears to be the case with the $10 million funding for the Carlton County female and judicial facility addressed in the bill HF 3101. According to bill tracker, on March 23, 11A’s Rep. Jeff Dotseth introduced the bill as chief author.

On May 10, HF 3101 was again presented by Rep. Dotseth and amended to include Rep. Dave Lislegard as chief author. This move was initiated by concern that with the Democratic trifecta in power, a Democrat should be the chief author. Kudos to Rep. Dotseth and Rep. Lislegard for their cooperation that brought this $10 million capital funding to Carlton County.

Rep. Dotseth worked behind the scenes and across the aisle to bring needed funds to District 11A. This has been the result of hard work and he certainly has not been “asleep at the wheel.”

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I realize that it takes diligence and hard work to accurately track the development of a legislative bill. To those of you who are interested I encourage you to visit http://www.leg.mn.gov/leg/trackbill and Dotseth’s House webpage.

Hard and smart work has resulted in big dividends for District 11A, thanks to Rep. Dotseth and his focus on getting the badly needed funding provided in HF 3101.

Alan Finifrock,



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