Letter: Taking undue credit


February 23, 2024

I was mystified to read a revisionist history in the Pine Knot News op-ed article with local representatives offering a legislative session preview. Rep. Jeff Dotseth was actually taking credit for “delivering” $10 million for the Carlton County female offender and judicial facility. Carlton County taxpayers were supposed to receive $23 million, but Rep. Dotseth bungled the money, refusing to support the bill with the funding.

Democrats had to ask Rep. Dave Lislegard from Aurora, not Dotseth, to sponsor the smaller amount primarily because our representative lost the trust of House leaders when he blew the earlier request. Who will make up the difference? It looks like the Carlton County taxpayers are on the hook for that.

Cloquet Community Hospital Foundation Wine & Beer Tasting Event. 5:30 p.m. Friday, June 7 at Grand View Grill and Bar, 2820 Midway Road, Duluth.

My support for Dotseth has vanished. I am supporting Pete Radosevich next time as a representative for all of District 11A.

Christopher Wagner,

Perch Lake Townshi


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