PHOTO: Man vs Nature


February 23, 2024

Photographer Will Stenberg was out at Jay Cooke State park last week and noticed what has become the way of our current winter. At Mont du Lac Resort there was a definite demarcation between the manmade snow and the barren ground we have across the region.

Dave Anderson, from Northern News Now in Duluth, delivers our weather forecast each week and had some thoughts on February and March.

"The long, warm winter is now being called Super El Niño because this is one of the strongest El Niño southern oscillation events ever recorded since the effect was named by Peruvian sailors in 1892," Anderson said.

It means the average temperature is up 3.6 degrees. February in Minnesota was around 13 degrees warmer than normal.

"The reign of Super El Ninño does have an expiration date," Anderson said. "There are signs it will last through March and fade away by April. That'll probably be too late for any real winter around here."

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And when it turns off? "As we go into the summer, El Niño's sister, La Niña, is expected to take over, and that should induce a cooling trend," Anderson said.


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