Jeopardy to feature local grad, again


March 22, 2024

Carlton High School grad and former Jeopardy game show champion Sam Kavanaugh will compete in the first-ever Jeopardy Invitational Tournament.

Kavanaugh had his first run of wins on Jeopardy in 2019, when he won five straight games and $156,202 during Season 35. Kavanaugh then won the 2021 Jeopardy Tournament of Champions.

The upcoming invitational tournament will feature 27 former players - four of those from Season 36 and earlier joining the three relegated players from Season 1 of Jeopardy Masters. Much like the past events this season, the 27 players will compete in nine quarterfinals and three semifinals. The finals will see the remaining three players compete in a "first to two wins" final that will be between two and four episodes.

Sam's dad, Ed Kavanaugh, said he expects his son's first round to air later next week. To be on the safe side, start tuning in daily as soon as possible.

First prize for the event is $100,000 and an invitation to compete in Season 2 of Jeopardy Masters on ABC.


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