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Letter to the editor: Rep. Dotseth lacks common sense

Trees, lakes, and water: Minnesota is known for an abundance of each. And there’s something else we have in abundance: common sense. We work hard, play hard, and don’t waste time on things that don’t serve us. Rep. Jeff Dotseth would be wise to follow suit. His time in the Minnesota House of Representatives has made one thing painfully clear: He doesn’t lead with common sense.

Dotseth recently co-authored a bill, HF4687, seeking to address “cloud-seeding,” “weather control,” “zenobiotic radiation” and “electromagnetic radiation,” parallel to chemtrail conspiracies. (See story on Page 20.) We need our roads plowed and solutions to mitigate drought conditions, not paranoid pseudoscience.

Carlton County lost out on the $22.5 million of state funding originally requested for the new county jail facility, landing less than half of that, and only after Rep. Dave Lislegard from Aurora stepped in to save the day, ensuring we got something in the bonding bill. I’m not sure how deep Rep. Dotseth thinks our pockets are, but it’s safe to say that we can’t afford to lose out on state funding.

Dotseth also signed on in support of a bill to study the possibility of enabling Minnesota counties to be annexed by North Dakota and South Dakota. This is how our representative is spending his time and our tax dollars?

Rep. Dotseth has made it clear that he’ll prioritize his own extreme views over the wellbeing of residents in District 11A. This November, use common sense when you see Jeff Dotseth’s name on the ballot and vote instead for Pete Radosevich to represent us in the Minnesota House.

Michelle Lee, Moose Lake

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