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Letter to the Editor: Where are the hard numbers on wolves?

ete Stauber’s latest newsletter statements on wolf delisting I say: please put some numbers to your claims.

Rep. Stauber goes on about wolf predation and lost pets but hasn’t provided much evidence of the problem besides anecdotes.

What is the official documented rate of pet and livestock mortality in Minnesota? How much money has federal, state or counties agencies paid in compensation to farmers and ranchers in Minnesota for livestock lost to wolf predation?

How do the “many experts, hunters and farmers” arrive at their wolf population estimate of 5,000 to 6,000? What methodology are they using besides what sounds like “I can’t prove it but I just know it’s true” sentiment?

The title of Stauber’s bill is “Trust The Science Act,” and it will predictably sound reasonable to many parties, but where is the actual science? Put it out there if confidence is so high. A simple link in his newsletter would be a good start. Or do the facts not support his position?

His statements are not credible without real data and science to back them up. If the numbers are in his favor, he should make them public.

I agree with Rep. Stauber that Minnesota department of Natural Resources Commissioner Sarah Strommen needs to be present in this discussion. She possibly should be embarrassed. I don’t understand her lack of participation.

On a philosophical note, one would not go to the moon and expect fresh air to breath. When one lives and farms in northern Minnesota, or any rural area where carnivore predation is a reality, one must expect some interaction with the wildlife. Wildlife was here first. Humans are the second comer. Part of the problem lies with the Western cultural view that mankind must dominate nature. When we do so, we do so at our peril. Look around and you will see one environmental disaster after another in the world caused by man’s rapacious desire and greed. You and I can be a part of the solution or part of the problem. It seems our representative has made his choice.

David Bellert, Wrenshall

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