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Cloquet announces annual scholarships, awards

Cloquet High School held its awards convocation on May 8 and announced the following award and scholarship winners at the school, including those pictured on Page 9 of this week's Pine Knot News

The George and Helen C. Medich Family Medical Scholarship: Kiley Issendorf

Floy Gilman Scholarship: Grace Swanson

Noah Feehan Memorial Scholarship: Owen Brenner and Mason Sundquist

Cloquet Area Eagles Club Scholarship: Willow Putnam and Clara Wheale

Bausch & Lomb Science Award: Josh Bleskacek

Lake Country Power Les Beach Memorial Scholarship: Willow Putnam

CYSA Scholarship: Kiley Issendorf, Mason Sundquist

VFW Scholarship Award: Makenna Smith, Grace Lavan and Willow Putnam

CTE Department Award: Emmett Prosen, Edward Stone, Warren Hietela and Isaac Hill

Economics Awards: Dane Singpiel, Hunter Carr and Simon Rakes

Science Fair Awards: Ethan Lavan, Parker Sickmann, Grace Lavan, Johanna Bernu

Girls and Boys State Awards: Rizal Agaton Howes, Aspen Winbigler and Sofia (Sam) Breuer

Upward Bound: Josilyn Nikko

Theatre Awards: Merissa Witte, Elise Sertich

English Department Awards: Mason Sundquist, Owen Brenner, Chris Stoltzfus, Ryan Huls, Jake Peterson, Lexi Niemi, Hannah Bastien, OE Levinski, Jacob Dunaiski, Evan Syverson, Merissa Witte, Ahna Demenge and Juliauna Nygaard.

Academics, Arts, and Athletics Award from the Minnesota State High School League went to Emmett Prosen and Alexa Shepherd.

Alworth Scholarship, which provides students majoring in math or sciences with $6,000 a year for four years of college provided they maintain a 3.0 GPA. The scholarships were awarded by Patty Salo Downs to Owen Brenner, Makenna Horvat, Mary Kayser, Josilyn Nikko, Grace Swanson, Clara Thompson, and Madysen Waters.

Honors of Distinction, for maintaining a 4.0 or higher grade point average throughout a high school career, were given out by principal Steve Battaglia and vice principal Tim Prosen to Owen Brenner, Ava Carlson, Ella Chartier, Quinn Danielson, Macy Dearborn, Makenna Horvat, Kiley Issendorf, Mary Kayser, Grace Lavan, Erin Loeb, Lucia Mertz, Josilyn Nikko, Aydann Pollard, Willow Putnam, Simon Rakes, Alexa Shepherd, Christopher Stoltzfus and Grace Swanson. Photos courtesy of Shelley Robideaux, Cloquet High School

Recipients of the wide array of Community Scholarships included: Alexa Shepherd, Ava Carlson, Calvin Snesrud, Carter Horvat, Clara Thompson, Clara Wheale, Courtney Carroll, Edward Stone, Eli Jazdzewski, Elijah Aultman, Elise Sertich, Emmet Prosen, Erin Loeb, Ethan Doty, Grace Lavan, Grace Swanson, Hunter Carr, Joe Bailey, Josilyn Nikko, Kiley Issendorf, Logan Sickmann, Lucia Mertz, Madison Fredrickson, Makenna Horvat, Mary Kayser, Mason Sundquist, Merissa Witte, Owen Brenner, Quinn Danielson and Ryan Vallis. Not pictured are Adison Lenarz, Autumn Peterson, Kaley Will, Lillie Golen, Rosalie Antus and Seth Rothamel.

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