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Esko announces scholarships earned by seniors

On May 5, a large group of Esko High School seniors were awarded a variety of academic scholarships from local agencies and foundations, including the Esko Educational Foundation. Principal Greg Hexum said Esko's Class of 2024 is collectively receiving in excess of $1.5 million in academic awards from postsecondary institutions.

The recipients are:

The Santo Antonutti Family Scholarship: Gino Bertogliat

The Julian "Bert" Bertogliat Family Scholarship: Gino Bertogliat

Memorial Blood Bank Outstanding Service Scholarship: Matt Norstrom, Kyra Johnson

Esko Theater Scholarship: Emily Hacker, Nicole Wietman

Esko Music Boosters Scholarships: Emily Hacker, Kate Staples, Erik Fowler, Andy Osborne

Alworth Memorial Fund Scholarships: Sophia Juntunen, Paul Cornell

Lake Country Power Les Beach Memorial Scholarship: Talon Mattson

Esko Sports Alliance

Bob Thompson Memorial Scholarship: Joey Antonutti, Annabelle Engen, Gino Bertogliat

Outstanding Team Contribution Award: Kyra Johnson, Joey Antonutti

Outstanding Teammate Award: Kyra Johnson, Spencer Hipp

Outstanding Athlete Award: Gwen Lilly, Koi Perich

Educational Foundation

Jacob and Betty Bergstedt Scholarship: Andy Osborne

Jessica Blake Memorial Scholarship: Raven Malzec

Kristin Burkholder Memorial Scholarship: Anna Schmitz, Catrina Vigliaturo

Centennial Music and Arts Scholarship: Nicole Wietman

Esko Education Association Scholarship: Emily Hacker, Nick Borden

Foundation Scholarship: Braedyn Male, Spencer Hipp

Federated Co-op Scholarship: Madison Hurst, Kaelyn Foxx

Zak Gamache-Esko Fire Department Scholarship: Ainslie Perlinger

Davis Helberg Memorial Scholarship: Kate Staples

Golden K Kiwanis Scholarship: Emily Regas

LaMarche Creek Scholarship: Rylee Demers

Ruth B. Logsdon Memorial Scholarship: Sophia Juntunen, Paul Cornell, Braeden Herman, Kyra Johnson

National Bank of Commerce Scholarship: Samantha LaGraves

Sherry Peterson-Kalm Memorial Scholarship: Joel Barta

Scott Plaistad Memorial Scholarship: Amelia Warden

RAM Mutual Scholarship: Abrianna Madill

Employees of RAM Mutual Scholarship: Bryce Hipp

Rauha Scholarship: Matt Norstrom, Alena Beare

Gladys Richardson Memorial Scholarship: Talon Mattson

Rod and Sharon Sandberg Memorial Scholarship: Gwen Lilly