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Articles written by Kerry Rodd

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 By Kerry Rodd    People    July 10, 2020 

Rodd's Ramblings: Guardian angels easily outnumber my bypasses

The morning of June 21, Father's Day, broke hot and humid in the Twin Cities. I was visiting my daughter and son-in-law and three of my grandsons. My work quarantine was over and, for the first time i...

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    June 19, 2020

Frozen Forester bike and run race is on

Not every sports event has been canceled. At 9 a.m. Saturday, July 18, the Frozen Forester Pine Valley Bike and Run is still on at Pine Valley Recreation Area in Cloquet. The event is a fundraiser to... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    June 19, 2020

Rodd's Ramblings: You with babies, don't you walk so fast

In recent columns I’ve talked about my walking prowess and how I have used this time to enjoy outdoor walks with my wife each night. It is well reported that I am not in a rush when I go out for... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    June 12, 2020

Soccer practice is on despite hold on games

In a normal spring and summer, area youth soccer players would be smack-dab in the middle of their seasons, but with the COVID-19 pandemic that has all changed. Until recently, no teams had even... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    June 12, 2020

Rodd's Ramblings: Variety ruled how kids once passed the time boys enjoyed

I saw something unusual the other day while visiting some neighbors down the street. They have three kids and the two boys were outside playing what appeared to be a game of tag. Those of us who grew... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    June 5, 2020

Show goes on for youth hockey camp

It must have seemed like Christmas to the youth hockey players Monday when Northwoods Credit Union Arena opened on a limited basis for hockey camp. "I am having a great day because I am looking out my... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    News    May 29, 2020

Schools take ceremonies to new level

One thing is certain: the Class of 2020 will have lots of stories to tell future generations about their final school days. Last Friday marked the beginning of the high school graduation season with... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    May 22, 2020

Summer leagues still in limbo

The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc on sports across the country and this area is no exception, with youth baseball and softball in a holding pattern. Cloquet Area Youth Baseball/Softball... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    May 22, 2020

A year ago was glorious

In talking with a co-worker on Tuesday, we were hashing about ideas for this column. He suggested I go back a year and write about what happened then. A year ago on Memorial Day weekend, the Section 7... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    News    May 15, 2020

A parade of future graduates

Cloquet High School seniors were met with well-wishers from the school staff Saturday as they picked up graduation gowns and other materials. The raucous event was part of ongoing efforts to bring... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    May 15, 2020

Wanted, needed: Officials, coaches

With the current lull in the sports world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a good time to discuss two dire needs in the Minnesota sports world: referees and coaches. Across the state, the... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Outdoors    May 8, 2020

Rodd's Ramblings: Trip to shack is a treat

Pandemic or not, there are still some things we can do. Last week I was able to enjoy a short trip to the deer shack, somewhere near Cromwell. It brought a welcome respite from being boxed in and... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    May 8, 2020

Hockey: Familiar faces on the move

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the sports world across the globe has slowed to a crawl and in some instances seems to have stopped completely. But there is still work to be done in the case of a few... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    May 1, 2020

The season that got away

Anticipation was running high in mid-March for the Cloquet girls softball players. The Lumberjacks had returned to the gym and were preparing to defend their Section 7AAA title and make a run at a sta... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    May 1, 2020

Rodd's Ramblings: Basement draft was old school

The 2020 NFL draft is history, and provided history at the same time. For the first time the draft was not held in a centralized location. It was held from the basements, kitchens, recreation rooms...

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    April 24, 2020

Fore! Golf courses allowed to open

Golf courses across the state got some good news last week when Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz decided to allow courses to open, albeit with some restrictions. The Friday announcement was perfect timing for... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    April 24, 2020

Rodd's Ramblings: Walking habit means bad ribs

Apparently I should have been a comedy writer. After last week’s column I’ve been inundated with comments from people who said they got a kick out of me describing the daily walks my wife and I... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    April 17, 2020

Athletes wait and work out

The great mystery of when sports will start again has athletes all over the state and country trying to weigh their options. With the shutdown in full swing and sports on hold, it is up to each... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    April 17, 2020

Rodd's Ramblings: He walks the line ... slowly

Last week in the Pine Knot News we featured a story on the benefits of walking and how people across the state, and especially in our area, are walking more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic.... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Outdoors    April 10, 2020

Escapist exercise

Sports as we usually know them may be on the back burner, but people all over the country are rediscovering ways to stay fit. Chief among those is walking. One look around neighborhoods in the area...

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    April 10, 2020

Rodd's Ramblings: Feels like old times ... again

Every sports fan has a favorite sport. For me, that sport is baseball. Every sports fan is probably missing watching his or her favorite sport on television, listening on the radio and reading about i...

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    April 3, 2020

College stars slowly cope after lost seasons

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant college athletes have seen their seasons end early or simply not start. A number of Cloquet grads are home now instead of competing at their chosen university. St. Clou... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    April 3, 2020

Rodd's Ramblings: Sating the sports fix is a giant task

Safer at home, uncertain times, flattening the curve, social distancing ... are all terms that have become commonplace since the coronavirus hit the United States. And that is just the tip of the... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    March 27, 2020

Schools await spring sports fate

For now, high school sports and other activities in Minnesota are in a holding pattern. The Minnesota State High School League first shut down all spring sports March 13 through today and now will... Full story

 By Kerry Rodd    Sports    March 27, 2020

Rodd's Ramblings: Sports ADs keep on in odd times

Sports fans come in all types. They all have at least one thing in common and that is their love for sports. How are sports fans coping with the lack of sports during the COVID-19 pandemic? The Pine... Full story


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