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Lawmakers have work to do

The Legislature is gearing up to spend our money this week, so I thought I’d review some of the ways they plan to spend it. First, they are planning to increase wages and funding for the courts. As...


Unions have a legit gripe

It’s difficult to explain why, exactly, there’s a disagreement over the revised project labor agreement (PLA) requirement for city-funded economic development projects. Just asking the question...


Conditionally, you can call me 'Pete'

It was August 8, 1991, before I ever called my buddy Rolf’s dad “Bud” like everyone else did. Until that date, he had been “Mr. Kragseth” to me for over 20 years. This memory came back last...


Harry's gang: How safe is your money?

Nothing strikes fear in a banker’s heart more than the words, “run on the bank.” It conjures up images of the Great Depression, the Great Recession, and Jimmy Stewart convincing his customers...


Harry's gang: we use a lot of salt, and it stays

Thaw, freeze. Thaw, freeze. We’ve seen that cycle quite a bit this winter, especially as we close in on a record seasonal snowfall — will we beat the record of 113.4 inches? Stick around until... Full story


Harry's gang: These are gifts that never gave

Gift certificates are very popular presents. They have been since at least 1978, when my sister Zora gave me a McDonald's certificate for Christmas. Fifty cents, which bought a burger and maybe a drin...


Nuclear should be part of energy planning

"Drill, baby, drill” is a fun slogan for those of us who can’t imagine a world without gasoline, and the protests over the Line 3 project cutting through Carlton County show that plenty of people...


Running for office brings insight

It’s good to be back. Running for office was an interesting experience, but one of the most fascinating things I learned was how little most voters think about our lawmakers and how our legislature... Full story


Harry's Gang: Patty was an inspiration

I owe my career to Patty Murto, and now that she's no longer around to thank, Jana is letting me do it through this column. Not that I haven't thanked her before. Over the years, I told Patty plenty o... Full story


Harry's Gang: See you on the campaign trail

This will be my last “Harry’s Gang” column for a while. I have decided to run for Minnesota House of Representatives in District 11A, which encompasses all of Carlton County and a small part of... Full story


Harry's Gang: If I had a seat in St. Paul...

If I were our representative in the Legislature, here’s how I would approach some of the issues they are considering in St. Paul this session. For decades, “gaming” — which is a softer term... Full story


Harry's Gang: Don't put away your masks quite yet

Now that the city’s mask mandate has ended, and most schools are removing their requirements that students wear masks at school, we can all hope that the pandemic is waning and may soon be over.... Full story


Harry's Gang: We need police, yes, but we also need police reform

I’ve taught my kids that cops are the “good guys.” That cops can be trusted. If my kids find themselves in trouble, I’ve told them that the police will help them. Of course, most cops look a... Full story


Harry's Gang: Single-issue politicians don't serve voters well

Business people often think that any government regulation is an intrusion into their business and should not be allowed. In fact, that theme has become a plank in the Republican platform, as... Full story


Harry's Gang: Vote on schools coming

The Minnesota Legislature starts up again next week, and while it’s fun to make fun of lawmakers, they really do an important job in our society, and most of them take their job very seriously.... Full story


Harry's Gang: What would we do?

I wonder what would happen if hundreds of strangers suddenly got stranded in Cloquet. Maybe a huge blizzard hits while we’re hosting a big hockey tournament? Or tragedy strikes on a summer Sunday... Full story


Harry's Gang: A gentleman of many talents

Strangely, in my career, I’ve made a lot of friends just by suing them. It sounds odd, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Usually, it would seem, lawsuits more often end up making enemies out of... Full story


Harry's Gang: Weeds are thick in redistricting efforts

The whole point of a representative democracy (which is the form of government we have used in the United States for a couple of hundred years or so) is to elect one person for every certain number... Full story


Harry's Gang: I am boldly predicting where others fear to tread

Last year’s predictions were so eerily accurate that some people thought I had cheated, like maybe I had looked up the answers before making my predictions, which is, of course, impossible. My... Full story


Harry's gang: From our family to yours, a letter on our past year

Greetings from the Pine Knot News family in Carlton County. It’s been quite a year for the family, so we’re excited to share this with our friends and extended family during this holiday season.... Full story


Harry's Gang: Protest, sure, but be constructive as well

The loud, disruptive protest at a recent Cloquet School Board meeting by a local resident of the school district was a shameful display of chutzpah, ignorance and entitlement. People seem to think... Full story


Harry's gang: Stauber needs to get real about needs in the district

I’m disappointed that our representative in Congress voted against the infrastructure bill last month. It seems to me it was a great bill for our region, but U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber didn’t agree... Full story


Harry's Gang: We kings and queens are facing supply realities

We live like royalty in America. We have stores full of food and trinkets. We work only 40 hours a week. Some people work even less and some of us choose to work more. Nearly everyone has indoor... Full story


Pine Knot reaches entire county this week

Hello, fellow Carlton County residents. I’m Pete Radosevich, the publisher of the Pine Knot News and an avid fan of our community. We are sending a copy of this newspaper to nearly every address in the county, so you can see what subscribers to... Full story


Harry's Gang: Political parties need to find commonalities

Some people blame the two-party political system for many of our nation’s problems. I can understand why — it seems each party spends more time accusing the other party for everything wrong while... Full story


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