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Articles written by Pete Radosevich

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Harry's Gang: In a league of lawyers, Tom Skare stood out

I learned Tom Skare passed away over Labor Day weekend. He was apparently in his law office on Cloquet Avenue across from the Holiday gas station, where he spent a lot of his time, and wasn’t heard... Full story


United we may strive, but divided we definitely are

The recent political events in Texas got me thinking a bit. As a Catholic, I've never been a fan of abortion. As a Democrat, I value the personal freedoms and rights all people should have, whether... Full story


Harry's Gang: A neighborhood unites

Yard parties are a pretty good way to get to know your neighbors - sort of a National Night Out, but on our own terms and conditions. So, we held a big yard party last week. It was all Kathy Lund's id... Full story


Harry's Gang: Mask debates defy logic

I find it hard to understand how wearing a mask in public has become a political issue. But it has. To me, it's an example of how easily politicians and talking heads can manipulate people's... Full story


'Not guilty' is verdict in county sexual assault trial

Cloquet’s Timothy Scott Young Jr., 38, was found not guilty after a weeklong jury trial in Carlton County Sixth District Court Friday, Aug. 13. Young had been accused of two felony counts of sexual assault after an alleged incident in April 2020... Full story


Harry's Gang: Trials are messy - and vital

Jana Peterson, editor of the Pine Knot News, asked me to cover the opening and closing of a salacious criminal trial in Carlton last week; you can see that story in today's paper. I assume Jana... Full story


Lawyers outline arguments in sexual assault trial

The prosecution and defense each made opening arguments Wednesday, Aug. 11, in the trial of Timothy Scott Young Jr., after two days of jury selection. Scott has been accused of both first- and... Full story


Harry's Gang: Hear that whistle blowing? Stop it

Those loud train whistles that blare all night long are not really necessary and should be stopped. There's simply no reason why the trains have to wake up half the town in the middle of the night to... Full story


Harry's Gang: I vote to keep Carlton County jail downtown

I’m disappointed the county has decided to put the new jail out in Olsonville, where the transportation building is now. Sure, it’s just three miles away from its current location, but I think... Full story


Harry's Gang: 'Hidden Gems' podcasts highlight work of area small businesses

Maybe you’ve noticed the “Hidden Gems” series on Facebook or seen them on CAT-7 more recently. You can also find them on their website, It’s a salute to local small businesses, produced by Holly Hansen and Shelly... Full story

 By Pete Radosevich    News    July 16, 2021

Summer school deemed a success

The Esko School Board approved pay hikes for noncontract substitute workers during its July 12 meeting, citing a need to not only attract new substitutes but also to show appreciation for the current...


Harry's Gang: Newspapers remain vital links

I love newspapers, and always have. It's common for me to pick up a copy of the local paper at every little town I may be traveling through, and it's fascinating to learn that every town has its... Full story


Harry's Gang: I'm still married, right?

My wife forgot our wedding anniversary last week. I am not sure I can forgive her. Shocked? So was I. Not a card; no flowers, candy, fancy dinner or beer. Nothing. Well, she didn’t completely forget... Full story


Harry's Gang: Postal service can maintain relevance with some tweaks

Like any good organization, it's important for the U.S. Postal Service to keep up with modern times. It's the only way it can survive. Some of my more crazy ideas to save the USPS won't work in this... Full story


Father Fish leaves Queen of Peace

After serving as pastor for the Queen of Peace Catholic Church for the past 10 years, Father Justin Fish celebrated his last mass here Sunday, June 20. He likes to joke that he's spent a quarter of... Full story


Harry's Gang: If only I could take on some jobs during this tight market

There's clearly an employee shortage right now. As the pandemic wanes and the economy improves, we're seeing it harder and harder to find people to fill many job openings. Some blame the state and... Full story


Harry's Gang: Body cameras provide truth that can't be varnished over

A picture is worth a thousand words, it's said, and I agree. This article is about more than half that, and there's no way I can adequately explain how beautiful my mother is, even if you read to the... Full story


Harry's Gang: Summer learning remains a key to school-year success

School is over for the summer, but the learning never ends, according to most professional educators. Kids learn a lot over the summer, even if it's not in a classroom. And it's a good idea to keep yo... Full story


Harry's Gang: Long weekend makes Memorial Day better

Memorial Day is Monday, and many people take advantage of the long weekend to get to the cabin; maybe travel or barbecue, and enjoy other activities to mark the “official” start of the summer... Full story


Harry's gang: No masks is nice, but don't put them out of sight just yet

It was exciting to see so many people breathe a sigh of relief when Gov. Walz lifted the state's mask mandate last week. Not only was it easier to breathe that sigh of relief, we could actually see... Full story

 By Pete Radosevich    News    May 14, 2021

Graduation will have a familiar feel in Esko

Esko seniors will graduate in a normal ceremony this year, if everything goes the way superintendent Aaron Fischer hopes it does. “Current guidelines will allow only two guests per student,” at...


Harry's gang: Census response saves the day

I don't know if people realize how close we came to losing a seat in Congress recently. If good ol' Minnesotans had not been so effective at completing the census, odds are pretty good our eight... Full story

 By Pete Radosevich    Opinion    May 7, 2021

Harry's Gang: Local restaurants are starting to flourish again

One of my favorite jobs was writing restaurant reviews for the old Ripsaw, the now-defunct alternative weekly out of Duluth. After exploring a couple of locally owned restaurants recently, I couldn't... Full story


Harry's Gang: Minimum wage is a major conundrum

There’s a lot of talk about raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, which is one of the campaign promises of the Biden administration. I’m uncomfortable with such a high minimum wage,... Full story


Harry's Gang: Former mayor reflects on his legacy

Bruce Ahlgren is a pretty well-known guy around these parts, having served the community for decades: first on the Cloquet school board for 12 years, then as mayor for about 16 years. Meanwhile, he... Full story


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