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 By Pine Knot News    People    July 3, 2020

Pope appoints new bishop to Duluth diocese

Pope Francis has appointed Father Michel J. Mulloy, from the Diocese of Rapid City, South Dakota, to be the 10th bishop of the Diocese of Duluth, it was announced June 19. Bishop-elect Mulloy was...

 By Pine Knot News    People    May 8, 2020

Praise high on the roof

They were singing and preaching from the rooftop Sunday at Journey Christian Church in Cloquet. It was the second drive-in church service where associate Pastor Fred Goldschmidt preached and the...


On Faith: Promise can hold us together

The Danish physicist Nils Bohr famously observed that “it is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” Never has that statement been truer than today. The COVID-19 pandemic has created deep uncertainties and anxieties, not onl... Full story

 By Pine Knot News    People    April 3, 2020

FAITH: You can believe Jesus died for you

For the Christian community the two times on the calendar that garner the most attention for us are Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, and Easter - which is more...


ON FAITH: Thanking the past and serving the future

In 1922, Monsignor D.W. Lynch, pastor of St. James Church in Duluth, wrote a letter to Minnesota Senator Frank B. Kellogg regarding Father Elais Lemire and the (then) Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church in Cloquet. “I know something about the work d... Full story

 By John Napoli    People    November 1, 2019

On Faith: Despite social media and politics, love your neighbor

We find ourselves a year away from the presidential elections but already the lines of division are having a strong effect on the American society. Here are just a couple examples of what I have seen...


on FAITH: Religious freedom needs a boost

By Charles Haynes / Religious Freedom Center In the turbulent 1960s, John Courtney Murray famously reminded Americans that the Constitution begins with “We, the people,” not “We, the tribe.” Murray, a Jesuit priest, wasn’t papering over differenc...

 By Chris Hill    People    August 2, 2019

On Faith: What Is Better?

I have been hearing from a number of discouraged people lately. They don’t want to watch the news, or check in on Facebook and other social media, or read the paper sometimes because of the anger t...


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