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Heroes and villains take stage at County Seat this weekend


June 7, 2019

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Superhero Mynx (Miriam Effinger) and villain Savage (Josh Effinger) face off in the comic book world of "Mynx and Savage," showing now at the County Seat Theater in Cloquet.

Comic book characters come alive at the County Seat Theater this week as "Mynx and Savage" takes to the stage. The title refers to two superbeings, Mynx and Savage, who in ordinary life are known as Hope Daniels and Carter Wight (while they are engaged to be married, neither is aware of the other's superpower persona). This show is not recommended for young children.

Written by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill, the show premiered last year in New Mexico as part of the American Association of Community Theatres NewPlayFest.

"While we were chosen to premiere Denise Hinson's 'Sweet' last year as part of this same contest, 'Mynx and Savage' was one of our top choices of more than 300 scripts entered," said general manager Joel Soukkala. "This show has some unique elements to it and director Greg Anderson and cast have had the challenge to figure out how to present this ... work."

In "Mynx and Savage," Adam, a comic book writer played by Sean Biskey, is torn between the superheroes that make him money and a dark true story that he is afraid to tell. Ket (Christy Schwoch) is an artist-assistant sent by Adam's publisher to make sure he hits his deadlines. As Adam learns to trust Ket as a colleague and not a corporate tool, Adam's characters start bleeding through: both the bright and glossy Mynx and Savage, and the sweet, quiet and true story of Adam's troubled past. In the end, Ket makes Adam realize that his stories - no matter what form they take - will always betray his truth.

The heart of the play is dramatized in Adam's youth, when - as an unimaginative 9-year-old boy - he meets Jill at a summer resort by the lake. Jill teaches him to draw and invent stories and stimulates his imagination. Miriam and Joshua Effinger play multiple roles throughout the show from Jill and Adam to Mynx and Savage, transforming on stage.

The County Seat Theater Company will present performances of "Mynx and Savage" at the Encore Performing Arts Center in Cloquet June 6-9. Performances are at 7 p.m. except Sunday performances at 2 p.m. Reserve tickets by calling the box office at 218-878-0071 or booking online at There are Pay-As-You-May tickets available for Saturday performances; call the theater for details.


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