Candidate filings for local positions


August 21, 2020

The filing period for the most local of political offices — school board, cities and township positions — ended on primary election day last week with one exception. In Carlton County, Cloquet city candidates filed by June 2 and there was a primary election for the Ward 5 City Council spot last week.

Staff at the Carlton County Auditor’s office said residents may request absentee ballots by calling the auditor’s office at 218-384-9127 (leave your name and address if you get voicemail) or register online at It’s not urgent though. Ballots for November have not been printed yet. Also, anyone who is a registered voter and lives in a mail ballot precinct will automatically be mailed a ballot.

The following local candidates will be listed on the ballot in the Nov. 3 general election. Local races are nonpartisan.


Barnum (elect 4)

Louis Bonneville

Brian Collins

Beth Dinger

Stephanie Ferrin

James Fuglestad

Carlton (elect 3)

Tim Hagenah

Eryn Szymczak

Cloquet (elect 3)

Melissa (Siltanen)


Karin Sabyan

Nate Sandman

Ken Scarbrough

Kelli Smith

Chelsea (Siltanen)


Cromwell-Wright (elect 3)

Brian Granholm

Timothy Homstad

Tristan Johnson

Bruce Schoenberg

Esko (elect 3)

Julian “Bert” Bertogliat

Gerald (Jerry) Frederick

Leona Johnson

Steve McConnell

Mark Nyholm

Moose Lake (elect 3)

Benjamin Anderson

Lisa Anderson-Reed

Donna Kirk

Jerry Pederson

Wrenshall (elect 3)

Misty Bergman

Karola Dalen

Alice Kloepfer

Nicole Krisak



City Council (elect 2)

Darrel Berry

Louis Bonneville

Carlton Mayor

Mike Soderstrom

City Council (elect 2)

Heather MacDonald

Ryan Schmidt

Cloquet Council at large

Lara Wilkinson

Council Ward 4

Kerry Kolodge

Council Ward 5

Elizabeth Lyz Jaakola

Dennis M. Painter

Cromwell Mayor

Sharon Zelazny

City Council at large (elect 2)

Lisa Irving

Edwin Raisanen

Kettle River Mayor

David Lucas

City Council (elect 2)

Monique Doward

Special at-large election

Guy Patrick Collier

Moose Lake Mayor

Ted Shaw

City Council (elect 2)

Kristin Heaton Huso

James Michalski

Greg Sarvela


City Council (elect 2)

Brett Aldrin

Scott Boedigheimer

Michael Foley

Cody Grashorn

James Pratt

Wrenshall Mayor

Gary Butala

Donna Mae Weiderman

City Council at large (elect 2)

Melvin M. Martindale

Jody Mattinen

Special at-large


Joyce Gvesrude

Kevin D. House

Wright Mayor

Mark C. Groth

City Council (elect 2)

Jerri Haugan

Gene Lott

Special at-large


Shale L. Korpela


Atkinson Township

Supervisor at large

Leonard Anderson

Automba Township

Supervisor, Seat B

Dan Reed


Cynthia Disterhaupt

Barnum Township

Supervisor at large

Thomas Duesler


Kristina Asperheim

Beseman Township

Supervisor Seat B

Jeanne Schulke

Supervisor Seat C

Robert Charles Erickson


Sara Kachinske

Blackhoof Township

Supervisor at large

Roger Hurd

Clayton Kauppila


Kimberly Carlson

Eagle Township

Supervisor Seat B

Loran Shelton

Supervisor Seat C

Kenneth Koivisto


Jackie Koivisto

Holyoke Township

Supervisor Seat C

Paula Siltberg


LeeAnne Gibson

Rosanne Haynes

Kalevala Township

Supervisor Seat A

John Gran

Supervisor Seat C

Lee Naylor


Mary Stenson

Mahtowa Township

Supervisor Seat B

Emma Higby


James Haley

Moose Lake Township

Supervisor Seat B

Robert Moffett Jr


Raenee Bennett

Donna Kirk

Perch Lake Township

Supervisor Seat B

Steven Olson


Lora L. Eames

Silver Township

Supervisor Seat A

Jeremy Grimm


Mark Carlson

Silver Brook Township

Supervisor at large

No candidates filed


Alieca Johnson

Skelton Township

Supervisor at large (elect 2)

Bruce Benson

James Charboneau


Corina Newman

Split Rock Township

Supervisor Seat B

Kevin Tomczak

Supervisor Seat C

Philip Jurek


Kenneth L. Halverson

Thomson Township

Supervisor Seat C

John Bergman

Bill Gerard

Supervisor Seat D

Ron Gittings

Russell Kurhajetz

Jason Paulson

Eric Rish

Twin Lakes Township

Supervisor Seat C

Diane Felde-Finke

Wrenshall Township

Supervisor Seat A

Marvin Durkee


Judy Korby


Carlton County Board of Commissioners

District 1

Dick Brenner

Erik Blesener

District 3

Tom Proulx

District 5

Gary E. Peterson

Alex French

Soil and Water Supervisor

District 1

Barbara M. Dahl

District 4

Dan Reed

Kim Samuelson

District 5

Richard Dalen


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