The Big Question


June 25, 2021

Lydia Stone

Paris FierkeLepp

Pine Knot News reporter Lydia Stone hit the sand at Cloquet's Pinehurst Beach to ask people's opinions on the new beach rule - all children age 12 and under are required to wear a lifejacket while in the water. Here are a few responses.

Paris FierkeLepp, 17, Cloquet, lifeguard

"It's really helpful for us lifegueards, just making sure that younger kids who can't swim aren't getting caught out too far, not being too close and stuff like that. I think that is really beneficial and helps keep the parents a little more at ease, too."


Atley Collins, 9, Duluth

"I think it's a good rule but then it's kind of disappointing because I'm a really good swimmer and I can't do that."


Kenzi Jonson, Duluth

"I know that some parents have kind of an issue with it but for me it's more security for myself as well. I can let them swim wherever they want. It just adds that extra security for myself, so I like it."


John Babineau, Cloquet

Lydia Stone

Atley Collins

"It's better to err on the side of caution."


Brittany Nieters, Virginia, Minnesota

"I think it's kind of silly that if they're in the shallow end they still have to wear it. But I understand they don't have enough lifeguards to keep eyes on everyone and I think that's probably part of it. I usually watch my kids like a hawk, but they're fast and the lifejackets can make me feel better.


Ari Lee, 10, Cloquet

"I personally don't really like it because it's harder to swim that way. And I feel like instead they can have some kind of test or something where you could try to swim and if you pass the test you don't need to wear it."


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