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Letter: Thomson Township Comp plan imperfect

I strongly encourage all community members to attend the Thomson Township public comment meeting on the proposed comprehensive plan 6-8 p.m. Monday, Aug. 9. This plan will affect residents for the next 20 years. The public comment session will be immediately followed by the steering committee meeting, also worth your time.

I write because I’ve recently had my appointment to the committee finally confirmed by the town board after a six-month delay in filling the vacant committee seat of my deceased predecessor. Although I‘ll only be able to fully participate for the last committee meeting Monday, I appreciate the opportunity.

Over the years, I’ve made no secret of some serious criticism of Thomson Township government (search my name at pineknotnews.com for more).

I remain concerned about a number of issues locally. I believe the 2040 Plan needs to put much more emphasis on broadband access for all. There has been recent serious board activity regarding private roads (ask for a copy of the proposed ordinance) plus the towers ordinance of 1999 that has put a hold on renewable-energy wind turbines with its height restrictions.

I’ll reiterate my objections to three of five non-appointed board members participating in the deliberations of the board-appointed 2040 Plan committee proceedings. Supervisor Ruth Janke is appointed as board liaison, but participation by other supervisors in this endeavor should only be to deliberate on the recommendations of the committee once they are submitted to the board, and not interfere with the committee’s functioning as appointed. Supervisor Jason Paulson has honored the committee by not trying to participate,

Committee chairman Jim Gottschald should take control Monday and have the committee abide fully by Robert’s Rules of Order, excluding unappointed board-members from participation. He’s in charge of the committee and has the authority to do so.

John Bergman,

Thomson Township