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Letter: Wrenshall board member highlights the positive

I am proud to serve on the Wrenshall School Board, and I would like to share a little about what is going on within the Wrenshall School. The views expressed in this letter are my own.

Our district is finishing the final stage of construction on our buildings. The school is something our community, students and staff can be proud of. Classrooms have been updated, and with a new HVAC system, they are comfortable and safe. Our gymnasium and new multi-use space give more opportunities for all of our students to engage in physical activities; even our preschoolers have more space for “large muscle use.” The main gymnasium has a beautiful new floor that we can all be proud of.

Behind our school, stands our newly repurposed CTE Building: our Career and Technical Education space. This space previously was our recreation building, and has been repurposed to give our students tremendous opportunities in technical education. Students are able to gain skills in construction, welding, wood working, and much more. The large, modern space will enable our district to expand more course offerings in technical education in the future.

Within these beautiful buildings, we have amazing, innovative staff members and teachers that are dedicated to providing our students with a high-quality education and enhanced opportunities. Many of our teachers and special education staff dedicated much of their time over the summer to a new Minnesota Department of Education initiative called LETRS, Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling. This program educates staff on the science of learning reading, and will help our teachers improve literacy for our students. Our district continues to offer a program of College in the School: partnering with Lake Superior College, our students will be able to take college level courses within our building, and receive college credits for doing so.

The Wrenshall school district is starting a new chapter in its history. With a much-improved building, amazing staff members and teachers, our community can be proud of the opportunities being provided to the students of the Wrenshall school district.

Ben Johnson,


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