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Letter: What's your screen time? Excessive?

I use my computer all day at school. Then I do homework on my device until I nod off. I overuse screen time. Experts say we should use our devices for under two hours and 30 minutes, and here is why.

As an adult, your phone is essential for communication with other adults and your children (who need constant reminders). Your children also benefit from screen time in multiple ways. They can gain communication skills. If you let your children use educational apps, they learn academic skills to help them in school.

Numerous negative effects result from excessive screen time. Excessive screen time occurs when you spend over three hours on screens per day, according to a peer-reviewed study in 2020. However, the national screen time average reaches over six hours.

Look at your daily average screen time using your phone. Tap on the settings app, and search “screen time.” If you use under three hours, this article is not for you.

Overusing screen time affects the body psychologically more than physically. Researcher Sophie Domingues-Montanari found that when children overuse screens, their chances of showing language delay triple.

Mental health worsens, correlating with screen time as well, for all ages.

The solution is simple. I challenge you: Try to use your phone for 30 minutes less every week and remove apps that never benefit you. I attempted this and I guarantee you will feel better just like I did. You will spend more time with the ones you love (and maybe even get more things done around the house).

Owen Brenner, Cloquet

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