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Our View: Townships show us democracy at home

George Bernard Shaw was riffing on Thomas Jefferson when he once wrote: “Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”

Are we deserving?

There is one way you might answer that question this month. You can take part in an annual township meeting on March 12.

Yes, national politics gets all the ire and fire these days, but don’t take your most-local government for granted. Townships are the epitome of democracy, the oldest form of representation in the country. At the annual meeting you can learn about the local budget and how much it will cost you. And you will see just where that budget money is going. It’s mostly for road upkeep, but there can be some surprises as well.

Our advice? Call up your township clerk and ask what’s on the agenda that Tuesday. Here’s a handy list.

Atkinson: Deborah Braye, 715-394-6624

Automba: Krystal Milczark, 218-260-8520

Barnum: Kristina Asperheim, 218-393-5130

Beseman: Sara Kachinske, 218-390-0909

Blackhoof: Kimberly Carlson, 218-393-0399

Eagle: Deb Switzer, 218-340-1968

Holyoke: Rosanne Haynes, 218-393-1645

Kalevala: Gail Langhorst, 218-565-8252

Lakeview: Douglas Suhonen, 218-341-9769

Mahtowa: James Haley, 218-269-0932

Moose Lake: Donna Kirk, 218-590-7214

Perch Lake: Lora Eames, 218-391-9178

Silver: Mark Carlson, 218-464-7043

Silver Brook: Alieca Johnson, 218-269-2059

Skelton: Linda Loons, 218-389-6976

Split Rock: John Josephson, 218-428-4659

Thomson: Rhonda Peleski, 218-879-9719

Twin Lakes: Sue Chapin, 218-384-8166

Wrenshall: Judy Korby, 218-269-9350

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