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Teams take it indoors at UWS

Last weekend saw some heroic work done on outdoor track facilities, as Pete Hughes cleared much of the Cloquet track, while Esko utilized custodians, coaches and volunteers to clear at least three or four lanes to train on.

In spite of those efforts, track remains an indoor sport for now.

On Saturday, April 1, eight different Polar League teams traveled to Superior for the inaugural meet of the season, giving track and field athletes a taste of what's to come. Carlton County runners, jumpers and throwers acquitted themselves well at the indoor meet. The Carlton/Wrenshall (C/W) girls team took second place to a strong Two Harbors team, with Esko finishing in fourth, Moose Lake/Willow River (ML/WR) in seventh and Cromwell-Wright (C-W) in eighth. On the boys side, Cromwell-Wright took first place as a team, followed by Moose Lake/Willow River in second, Esko in third, Two Harbors in fourth and Carlton/Wrenshall in fifth.

Following is a list of local Polar League tracksters who finished in the top three APRIL 1:


60-meter dash: Kaitlyn McConnell, Esko, second place, 8.63

1600-meter run: Emaleigh Olesiak, C-W, first place, 6:02.73; Amelia Olson, ML/WR, second place, 6:03.65; Isabel Riley, C/W, third place, 6:19.29

60-meter hurdles: Megan Chopskie, Esko, first place, 10.97

4x200-meter relay: ML/WR, second place, 2:09.49, India Johnson, Jocelyn Mundell, Khloey Schmidt and Evelyn Johnson.

4x400-meter relay: C-W, second place, 5:00.68, Emaleigh Olesiak, Remington Olesiak, Siena Anderson, Shannon Lund.

High jump: Liberty Clifford, Esko, first place, 4-07.00

Triple jump: Kaitlyn McConnell, Esko, first place, 32-02.50; Shannon Lund, C-W, third place, 29-06.00

Shot put: Mya Gronner, C-W, third place, 24-06.50


60-meter dash: Roma Jacques, C-W, second place, 7.59; Kaden Robbins, ML/WR, third place, 7.61

200-meter run: Roma Jacques, C-W, first place, 24.27; Chase Clausen, MLWR, second place, 24.84; Liam Schoenberg, C-W, third place, 25.05

400-meter run: Jack Riley, C/W, first place, 55.52

800-meter run: Benjamin Meysembourg, Esko, first place, 2:14.08; Daniel Mikrot, ML/WR, second place, 2:17.04

1,600-meter run: Noah Foster, C-W, first place, 4:38.94; Benjamin Meysembourg, Esko, third place, 4:49.73

60-meter hurdles: Tanner Collman, C-W, first place, 10.77

4x200-meter relay: Esko, second place, 1:41.56, Gino Bertogliat, Jacion Owens, Ryan Sturm and Dalton Spindler.

4x400-meter relay: C-W, first place, 3:44.96, Dylan Nyberg, Liam Schoenberg, Roma Jacques, Noah Foster; Esko, second place, 3:55.29, Gino Bertogliat, Dalton Spindler, Jacob Randa and Ryan Sturm; C/W, third place, 4:04.35, Andrew Olesen, Myles Pearson, Wesley Ward and Jack Riley.

4x800-meter relay: C/W, first place, 9:27.25, Andrew Olesen, Wesley Ward, Jack Riley and David Tuttle; Cromwell Wright, second place, 10:13.64, Anderson Phoenix, Weston Hanni, Jorge Gattica and Michael Schiller; Carlton-Wrenshall, third place, 12:00.07, Gavin Gibson, Karl Tuttle, Thomas Carlson and Anders Erickson.

High jump: Dalton Spindler, Esko, first place, 5-10.00; Jacion Owens, Esko, third place 5-06.00

Long jump: Roma Jacques, C-W, first place, 19-11.00; Wesley Ward, C/W, second place, 18-11.50; Dylan Nyberg, C-W, third place, 18-01.75

Triple jump: Micah Thompson, ML/WR, first place, 37-10.00; Dylan Nyberg, C-W, third place, 36-10.00

Shot put: Wyatt Hudspith, Esko, first place, 45-02.00; Matthew Bohnsack, ML/WR, second place, 37-08.00

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