57 graduate in Barnum


June 9, 2023

Amber Nichols

Jasmine Metso-Akurugo not only got her Barnum diploma but also has a 60-credit degree from Lake Superior College.

Barnum seniors celebrated their graduation last Friday in the high school gym. In addition to the 57 official high school seniors, principal Jodi Fanth took the opportunity to award an honorary cap and tassel to Oliwia Sekowska.

Sekowska came to Barnum as a foreign exchange student and has since graduated in Poland. Returning to Barnum for the graduation ceremony, she was given the tokens of American graduation to signify her time spent as a part of the Barnum community.

Valedictorians Kathryn Ferrin and Rayna Klejeski were both recognized for their significant academic achievements. In addition to her high school graduation, Jasmin Metso-Akurugo was celebrated for getting her associate of arts degree at the same time.

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"By classifying life after high school as taking place in the real world or by separating it from life in high school, it in some way discredits our time here," senior Hudson Kasberg said during his speech on the future. "Though life after graduation will surely be different, I believe that it will also be very familiar."

Amber Nichols

Co-valedictorian Kathryn Ferrin was awarded the Citizenship award at the Barnum commencement Friday.

Kasberg went on to draw comparisons between the responsibilities in high school and life after.

"Will we not be expected to adapt and learn on every step of our journey?" he said.

The high school band featured prominently in the ceremony, and almost a third of the seniors rejoined the band for a final performance of "Exaltation."

During the awarding of the John Philip Sousa Band Award, the band took it upon themselves to play a fanfare for the recipient, Murray Salzar.

Other awards were granted for grade point average, attendance, outstanding athlete and outstanding citizenship.


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