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Look at that! Study of currents is an electricfying experience

Hello, to all the electricity users out there, and that includes most of us. Hopefully, your coffee maker went on this morning, your cell phone was charged, the toaster worked, and your car...


LOOK AT THAT! Behold the power of the St. Louis River

Spending time in Carlton, Cloquet, Thomson and Jay Cooke State Park is sure to reveal a few sites of interest for sure. I like to paddle the St. Louis River from Scanlon to the Thomson Reservoir on... Full story


Pigments color our world

Welcome to autumn: cooler, wetter, mushrooms galore, and changing leaf colors. We see green leaves all summer and now those same leaves are turning yellow, orange, red, and even purple; what's up... Full story

 By Glen Sorenson    Outdoors    June 7, 2019

Every rock tells a story

Have you ever picked up a really interesting rock and wondered what it was and how it was made? Well, I have, and still do. Each rock tells a story about its creation: when it was made, how it was mad...


Why the ground rumbles beneath you ... or not

Hello to another edition of "Look at that!" I have been on the run recently and found myself in Anchorage, Alaska, where two of my grandchildren live. The last time I traveled was my first trip to Haw...


The physics of ski jumping

Hello again, we are in a winter wonderland, and I love it. As long as it is winter it might as well snow a little bit. I was going to continue my discussion on peat bogs this week, but my peat guy in...


Diggin' bogs

Wow, that was a cold few days last week, hope your water pipes and septic mounds survived. I was lucky - the only thing I lost was the ability to open my gas cap from inside the car because my cable...


What do Hawaii and Minnesota have in common?

Hello to you all, or should I say, "Aloha." I am playing and learning in a place far, far away from Carlton County and the Pine Knot News. It took me 66 years to get here, but I made it: O'ahu,...


Sharing the science of snow

Happy new year to you all. I was very happy to see the snow we received last week because I love solid water, and all the things we can do with it. Sliding with my grandkids, riding a snowmobile,...


Why does the river look like root beer anyway?

Merry Christmas to all of you Pine Knotters! Time passes so quickly, 2019 will soon be upon us. Our last adventure required time travel as we investigated the origin of the red clay that is carried...


Part II: The Nemadji River tells its story

Hello again from the red clay waters of the Nemadji River. Last week we journeyed back in time and were lucky to see Glacial Lake Duluth and witness a lake 450 feet higher than current Lake Superior....


Part I: The Nemadji River tells its story

Hello, everyone in the Pine Knot community, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I did! I spent time with my family, my favorite mother-in-law and some of my grandkids. We always like to take a... Full story


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