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Harry's Gang: Parents create royal dilemma

There seems to be a cultural crisis facing Barnum that threatens the very existence of the city and its high school. The crisis? Kids at the school this fall elected two boys as the top homecoming... Full story

 By Steve Korby    Opinion    November 24, 2023 

Korby's Connections: Stay on the band wagon

Shut your eyes, picture it's the Fourth of July or Labor Day in Cloquet. It's parade time. The veterans have passed by, now here comes the music. You recognize the familiar trailer, with its red,... Full story

 By Al Alm    Opinion    November 17, 2023

Guest view: Support your local hospital

I was saddened when I learned that Sunnyside nursing home was going to be closed. But I was not surprised, since they had been operating at a loss for many years. Reimbursement was not keeping up with expenses so the inevitable was bound to happen.... Full story


Harry's Gang: Thinking outside the box with housing

There’s a real need for housing in Cloquet. It seems to me, slowly but surely, the central part of the city is deteriorating as more and more people move out to the larger lots available on the... Full story


Harry's Gang: Ahlgren served the city well

Bruce Ahlgren Park. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I’ve been suggesting to anyone who will listen that we should be naming our public parks and facilities after the public servants who... Full story


Korby's Connections: These scribbles can be priceless

An autograph can become valuable, but most people usually don’t collect them for the money or as an investment. They collect these cherished documents and put them somewhere in their personal... Full story


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Notes From the Small Pond: Horatio's Witness

This really happened ... On a bright, azure-sky Christmas day, 2003, my wife and I corralled the kids and the dog and strode out into the snowy landscape to find a good place to take a Christmas card... Full story

 By Sean Hall    Opinion    October 27, 2023

Rick's arrows live beyond his death

We worked at the same place for six years, but in different areas, so hadn’t met. Plus, I lived in Cloquet and he lived in Superior. Then I decided to take up archery hunting and a co-worker said to me, “You should talk to Rick Brill, he is a... Full story


Harry's Gang: Halloween excitement builds

It won’t be long before I can relax during the last few weeks of October, maybe get some yardwork done before the snow flies, clean the car, take a leisurely walk in the woods in our neighborhood.... Full story


From the editor: Learning lessons from Sunnyside

The recent announcement that Community Memorial Hospital will close its Sunnyside Health Care Center came as a shock. The longtime nursing home serves some of our most vulnerable elders, and got high... Full story


Harry's Gang: Got an idea for the West End?

People keep asking me what I’m doing with my building in the West End. It’s the original Barr Brothers funeral parlor on the corner of Avenue C and Vine Street. Most recently, it was the home of... Full story


Letter to the editor: We need newspapers

I enjoyed reading your columns in the Sept. 29 issue of the Pine Knot celebrating National Newspaper Week. I value local newspaper reporting, that is why I subscribe to three local newspapers. As I listened to a radio program (the CBC’s “As It... Full story


Drop a line

Drop a line The Pine Knot News encourages readers to participate on these pages. Let your voice be heard by following these basic guidelines: • Letters to the editor should be kept to under 300 words. Longer pieces may be considered for a guest... Full story


On the mark: Cemeteries bond community

For many small-town residents, cemeteries host gatherings and remembrances that bring us together. On the western edge of Carlton County, on South Finn Road, the Lakeside Cemetery serves this purpose.... Full story


Comments on Congress: Why civility matters

Given everything that’s been taking place on Capitol Hill, I’d guess you missed the announcement a few months back that the House Civility Caucus has been revived. It would be hard to call this... Full story


Harry's gang: Monks offer some inspiration

I learned about monks during my time at Saint John’s University, a college near St. Cloud run by a Benedictine monastery. Being a monk is fascinating. They live a communal life, a true socialist...


Letter to the editor: Firefighters did a great job

On Sept. 4, Labor Day, my 160-acre Nemadji Creek tree farm was in the direct path of the Carlton County Road 11 wildfire. Because of the quick and effective response, the damage to my woodlands was minimal and none of my pine and spruce plantations w... Full story


On The Mark: Fall is fleeting, but oh, so lovely

Autumn has been my favorite month since I was a child. I loved the bursts of orange and yellow. Raking up the leaves in our small Minneapolis yard. Piling them to jump in with neighbor kids. Putting... Full story


Harry's Gang: Court levels balance the scales

The Court of Appeals met in Duluth recently, and I was lucky to watch it and attend a reception afterwards, meeting all three of the Court of Appeal judges hearing the cases. One of the cases... Full story


Letter to the editor: Don't rezone, move business instead

I am writing to express my concern about a request by Ken Maki to have land rezoned from residential to highway commercial in the Sunnyside area behind Sunnyside Auto and Gordy’s Hi-Hat and Warming House. He wants to build a building large enough... Full story


Newspapers take a week to reflect

This week, and every week, newspapers are for you. Americans have more media options than ever. We are inundated with stories, memes, videos and promotions 24 hours a day. Most of us are on social media, which is built to provide an endless feed of... Full story


Harry's Gang: Leaders need to be accountable

I’m disturbed by the attorney general in Texas. Recently, he was acquitted by the Texas legislature on corruption charges, even though every Texan who cares knows the man is corrupt. In fact, even... Full story


Letter to the editor: Government shutdown hits hard

The U.S. is on the brink of a government shutdown due to a handful of right wing extremists who are holding the country hostage. These extremists, all Republicans and ironically known as the Freedom Caucus, claim they will not vote to approve the... Full story


News office raid was an inflection point

After local police raided the office of the Marion County Record in Kansas and the home of its owners, creating a national outcry that was entirely justified, the question was asked in newspaper offices around the country, and sometimes in their...


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