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A letter of advice to our graduates

Dear Graduates, Congratulations to the Class of 2024 on your graduation from high school. It is an accomplishment. You should be proud of yourselves. Please know that your community and loved ones are proud of you, too. As you go off to jobs,... Full story


Letter: Please, put youth before greed

I just finished reading the May 3 edition of the Pine Knot. I reside in Florida now but lived and worked most of my life in Cloquet. I was very disturbed by the business article written by Brady Slater, entitled, “Tribe projects include c... Full story

 By Mike Creger    Opinion    May 17, 2024

Knot Pining: Binded by the lights

OK, kids — go get your placards and bullhorns and be prepared to shove “OK, Boomer” at me. We live in a world with way too much information. It overwhelms. It freezes us. It rules us. It just makes things so dumbly different. The last time I wrote... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Law change welcome

I would like to thank Rep. Jeff Dotseth for his work co-sponsoring Minnesota House File 3925, which was just passed. The bill helps fix a problem with homeowners insurance for people who use a Transfer on Death Deed to pass real property to their... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Where are the hard numbers on wolves?

ete Stauber’s latest newsletter statements on wolf delisting I say: please put some numbers to your claims. Rep. Stauber goes on about wolf predation and lost pets but hasn’t provided much evidence of the problem besides anecdotes. What is the off... Full story


Letter to the Editor: I second the support for newspapers

I would like to echo the remarks made by Mark Cline’s recent letter calling for support of our local newspaper, the Pine Knot News. We are fortunate to have a local paper to help us keep informed of local happenings and events. The Pine Knot has a... Full story

 By Parnell Thill    Opinion    May 10, 2024

Notes from the small pond: Motherhood

The young mother rubbed oil on her already brown legs and lay back on the towel in the sand, her skin a shiny offering to the sun. Nearby, her blond, husky son, covered in sand, sucked orange pop... Full story


Our View: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Fair warning out there, with spring comes a spirit of optimism, and the Pine Knot News is not immune. Thus, we give only positive feedback this week. Enjoy. Thumbs up to news that the legislature adopted compromise language for school district public... Full story


Letter to the Editor: We need to support this paper

I moved to Cloquet upon retiring in 2017. I had previously lived in Chanhassen/Chaska, which were served by capable “local” newspapers. These papers and others were owned and operated by Southwest News Media. While having one company operating sev... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Dotseth needs to be vigilant

Is Rep. Jeff Dotseth about to stumble again as he did last year with the bonding process that nearly cost Carlton County taxpayers $10 million in lost funding for the law enforcement complex in Carlton? In my opinion, Dotseth proved at that moment... Full story


Letter: Keep Carlton schools five-day strong

I am deeply troubled by the recent proposal to reduce the Carlton school week from five days to four. This change was proposed without adequate notification or consultation with parents, and it threatens not only our children’s education but also p... Full story


Letter: Support for new NLA school needed

The Northern Lights Academy is a school district serving students who need special education support for their whole school day. The staff at NLA believe all students deserve the opportunity to become academically successful and socially responsible... Full story


Guest view: Public notice is vital to newspapers, which are vital to communities

Efforts are underway in the Minnesota Legislature to further damage the future of the state’s community newspapers. The Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) has proposed last-minute legislation allowing school districts to publish their p... Full story


Guest View: Let's talk about Electric Vehicles

Let's talk about electric vehicles for a moment, shall we? A few weeks ago I bought a 2022 Kia Niro and I want to share my delight with it and perhaps stimulate some conversation around this new... Full story


Our Views: Accept Carlton's race to four-day school week

It would be easy to cast a wary eye at the actions of the Carlton school district, which over the course of roughly 10 days this month adopted a four-day school week beginning next year. The notion came as a surprise. The move to adopt it was hasty... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Thank you to the Medich family

I worked for the City of Cloquet for 40 years and came to know Pine Valley well. It has long been a Cloquet gem overlooked by many. The first time I walked into the chalet, my immediate thought was what a great place this would be with an updated... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Thanks to kind strangers

I want to express my appreciation to kind strangers. Thank you to the father carrying his young son, who took my hand and made a path through the snowbank so I could get to the Good Friday service. Thank you to the kind gentleman who took notice of... Full story

 By John Sanders    Opinion    April 19, 2024

Letter to the Editor: United we stand

Last week the Pine Knot ran a story by the Minnesota Reformer, with the self-ascribed tagline “Minnesota Reformer is a nonpartisan news producer.” I visited the Reformer website. After perusing several articles, it appears to me this org... Full story


Calling for some kindness

The words “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are ensconced in the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. At a time when people in the new colonies struggled to meet basic needs, procu... Full story

 By Jason Rarick    Opinion    April 12, 2024

Religious exemptions are also freedoms

Freedom to practice religion is a cornerstone of our country and its history — we enjoy many freedoms that are constitutionally protected, and the freedom of religion is the prime example. In the past, the Minnesota Human Rights Act included an e...


Letter to the editor: Rep. Dotseth lacks common sense

Trees, lakes, and water: Minnesota is known for an abundance of each. And there’s something else we have in abundance: common sense. We work hard, play hard, and don’t waste time on things that don’t serve us. Rep. Jeff Dotseth would be wise to follo... Full story


Our View: With the eclipse, a ripe opportunity

The Pine Knot and our weekly dose of news is likely complicit in any information overload you may be feeling these days. On average, Americans spend at least eight hours in front of a screen each day. And there’s that fascinating fact that one day o... Full story


Letter to the editor: Wrenshall has a gem of a school campus

As a 1966 graduate of Morgan Park High School, I befriended many Wrenshall graduates in that era. Morgan Park was a K-12 school, then a middle and high school, then just a middle school and now it’s gone forever. It was replaced by apartments as a r... Full story


Our View: What can we do about the weather?

Well, this week was a cold, wet reminder of winter, wasn’t it? If you got stuck with your car, or felt you were holding up all the traffic because of your unpracticed driving ability, or lack of assuredness, you were not alone. It’s been that kin... Full story

 By Mike Creger    Opinion    March 29, 2024

Knot Pining: Easter Sunday comes with a bevy of tales

It was comical, for sure, last Easter, when my then 5-year-old and her friends went egg hunting in a backyard that had 4 feet of snow in it. She donned some snowshoes and did her level best. The... Full story


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