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Articles written by Anne Dugan

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 By Anne Dugan    People    November 27, 2020 

Wrenshall News: Love of horror films meets opportunity

The cult horror film "Plan 9 from Outer Space" was Bela Lugosi's last film, and was shot without a script because director Ed Wood didn't really know what it was going to be about. This is the kind...

 By Anne Dugan    People    November 13, 2020

Wrenshall news

In 1914 Emily Dickenson wrote about the feelings that follow suffering. Whatever your political party, this year's election has been painful. This Sunday marks the new moon and it's a wonderful time...

 By Anne Dugan    News    October 30, 2020

Wrenshall news

Halloween is arguably one of the most creative holidays, and this year that spirit (pun intended) will have to go toward figuring out new ways to celebrate. Luckily, Wrenshallites are figuring out...

 By Anne Dugan    News    October 2, 2020

Wrens Nest: Wrenshall news

On a computer screen in Wrenshall last Saturday, the fate of the first champion of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association was being decided. The president of the association and Wrenshall resident,...

 By Anne Dugan    News    September 25, 2020

Wrenshall News: Cabbage is king this year

This was a surprisingly difficult growing season for a lot of our crops on the Food Farm. It was dry early in the growing season, then the first real rain we got was full of hail. This fall has...

 By Anne Dugan    News    September 11, 2020

Wrenshall News: Change is in the air this fall

By the time this paper hits your mailbox, we will have had one partial week of school under our belts. We will have either had a hard frost or we will have been given another week of needed growth for...

 By Anne Dugan    People    August 28, 2020

Wrenshall News: We need a tomatillo spirit

I have a small plot on the farm that I use to experiment and play - growing things such as artichoke, eggplant, or tomatillo. That last plant is irrepressible. I started growing tomatillos five years...

 By Anne Dugan    People    August 14, 2020

Wrenshall News: Drive up for some music

Of all of the sectors to be affected by the Covid pandemic, performing arts and special event centers have been some of the hardest hit. That is certainly true of our community treasure - The...

 By Anne Dugan    Happenings    July 17, 2020

Wrenshall News: Progress at the school

For many families, summer is looking a little different this year. Many camps are canceled along with many of the usual structured activities. For me and my 3- and 5-year-olds, this means that news...

 By Anne Dugan    People    July 10, 2020

Wrenshall News: Keep it moving

I remember when I first learned that my smartphone kept track of the number of steps I took every day. I was sort of creeped out that this piece of technology I carry everywhere was keeping such...

 By Anne Dugan    News    July 3, 2020

Wrenshall News: Pick, eat and savor

The Friday morning “Backyard Almanac” segment on Duluth’s public radio station KUMD last week included a recipe for one of my favorite fruits — the strawberry. Wild strawberries, while quite...

 By Anne Dugan    News    June 26, 2020

Brickyard turned 30

This week Don Johnson wrote in with a reminder of a very important Wrenshall anniversary. Here is the story: "It turns out that the 12th of June is the 30-year anniversary of the Brickyard...

 By Anne Dugan    News    June 19, 2020

Wrenshall news: Let the sun breathe in

The first week of June we brought the last of the rutabagas from our root cellar to the Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth. The following week we started the first summer deliveries to our Food Share members...

 By Anne Dugan    News    June 5, 2020

Wrenshall News: Parade inspires a 'snivel' moment

My maternal grandmother, Mildred Schulenburg, was born in Hull in northeastern England in 1910. During World War I, her hometown was a common target for Zeppelin airships, and she recounted stories...

 By Anne Dugan    News    May 22, 2020

Wrenshall News: Grad says 'it's the people' (updated)

Wrenshall graduation begins at 4 p.m. May 29. To provide for social distancing, the ceremony will be outside in front of school, similar to a drive-in movie theater experience. Since a limited...

 By Anne Dugan    News    May 15, 2020

Wrenshall News: Add some zing, not sting, to your greens arsenal

The scientific name for a weed I am seeing a lot around the farm this spring is urtica dioica, which sounds like something a doctor might tell you if your urinary tract infection has taken a turn for...

 By Anne Dugan    News    May 8, 2020

Wrenshall News: Right now, outdoor spaces make for ideal classroom

I recently ran across a quote from the writer and thinker Bell Hooks talking about the possibilities a classroom environment offers students: "The academy is not paradise. But learning is a place wher...

 By Anne Dugan    News    May 1, 2020

Wrenshall News: Personable teacher learns the online ropes

Last week, Gov. Tim Walz announced that schools will continue distance learning through the end of the school year. I wouldn’t normally use this column to air petty annoyances but I’ve noticed...

 By Anne Dugan    People    April 24, 2020

Wrenshall News: Wrenshall musician sings online, takes requests

The arts have been an important refuge for folks during this global pandemic. For some it might be binge-watching a TV series or catching up on the bedstand stack of books, but in Wrenshall the...

 By Anne Dugan    People    April 17, 2020

Wrenshall news: There's darkness and light in country lockdown

I took the news of John Prine passing away last week a little hard. His music holds a special place in the mythology of the Food Farm. When telling the story of Jane and John founding the farm, we...

 By Anne Dugan    News    April 10, 2020

Wrenshall News: Wrenshall getting through change in education

Some of the funniest memes I’ve seen lately have revolved around parents having to share in their children’s day-to-day education and learning. Nobody seems to be questioning the summer break...

 By Anne Dugan    News    April 3, 2020

Wrenshall News: Quiz answers and the online teaching feels

Thanks to all for playing Wrenshall trivia this week. I had a videoconference with Dale Wolf and he told me all the answers. I wrote them down while dehydrating apples and now they are either in the...

 By Anne Dugan    People    March 27, 2020

Wrenshall News: Take time out for a Wrenshall trivia puzzler

I figured since most of us are sequestered indoors it might be a good time for some Wrenshall trivia. Since I am “new” to town, having moved here just 20 years ago, I thought I would bring in...

 By Anne Dugan    News    March 13, 2020

Wrenshall News: Signs of spring abound

The famed rodent of Punxsutawney Pennsylvania did not see his shadow this year, prognosticating an early spring for 2020 and right here at the Food Farm we had our first picnic of the year… in the...

 By Anne Dugan    People    March 6, 2020

Wrenshall News: Farmers get energized

Wrenshall had a strong showing this past weekend at the country's largest organic farming conference held in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Rick Dalen and Clara Salveson of Northern Harvest Farm, Jason... Full story


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