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Articles written by Francy Chammings

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Legacy lives in beadwork and in book

For many of us, the opportunity to tell people how much we admire them or recognize their accomplishments slips away when that person passes from this life. Ozhaawashkogiizhigokwe Janis Fairbanks...


Francy that: We can't take water for granted

Cool, clear, water. Nothing compares with that most basic of human needs, the substance that comprises 55-60 percent of our bodies, the liquid that flows freely from our taps, flushes our toilets and...

 By Francy Chammings    News    June 24, 2022

Students fill gaps at Mobile Food Pantry program

The bad news just keeps coming: War in Ukraine, mass shooting, gas prices and inflation. But in the midst of the cacophony of the negative, we can find reasons to hope for a better future. One of the... Full story


They're sharing Lilly's hearing journey

Storytime at Cloquet's Public Library has been an integral part of Katie Beck's schedule ever since Stella, her 5-year-old daughter, was born. So, when children's librarian Keiko Satomi suggested...


Wanted: a place for lost dogs and cats

In August, Carlton County will have been without an animal shelter for four years. That's not OK, says a new group of concerned citizens. Now called Carlton County Animal Rescue, the group has been... Full story


Across a century, print shop remains

Rebuilding Cloquet after the 1918 fire spurred not just growth of the wood products industries, including paper production, but also what are known as "spin-off" developments. The Northern Printery,...


Francy That: Thank goodness we have a local newspaper

We know as citizens of Carlton County that we are very fortunate. We live in one of the most bucolic domains of nature populated with magnificent forests, crystal clear streams, and multiple lakes... Full story


Wood City Quilters scratch an itch for stitch

Some of us may remember learning about the pioneer days when the women settlers would gather every so often for a quilting bee, a day of camaraderie and sewing. Even though our 21st-century lifestyle... Full story


Francy That: Farm stories show the value of local agriculture

For the past several months, I have had the privilege of interviewing and writing about a few of the farmers in Carlton County. Summer is an extremely busy time for them, but they graciously sat...


Family keeps tradition alive at 100-year-old farm

In 1976, Roy and Rose Aho decided to sell their dairy cattle and quit farming. Roy had been hired full-time at the paper mill (now Sappi). With small children to care for, Rose could not manage the... Full story


A branch off the area CSA farming tree

In 2005, Rick Dalen and his wife Karola had the opportunity to start their own Community Supported Agriculture business under the tutelage of John Fisher-Merritt, founder of the Food Farm in... Full story


Holding on despite dairy trends

"I am one of a dying breed," said Peter Laveau during a recent interview at his farm. He is referring to his occupation as an independent family dairy farmer. In 1990, the state numbered just under... Full story

 By Francy Chammings    News    June 11, 2021

Lands: Muse and music on the farm

Some folks come to farming through family generations, finding themselves tilling the soil on acres cleared and planted by those whose DNA inhabits the cells in their bodies. Others arrive on the... Full story


In a changing world, savoring our farms

Sometimes we hold a treasure within our reach without an awareness of its value and, as the refrain from the song "Big Yellow Taxi" goes, "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you don't... Full story


Francy That: It's rinse, repeat on discord -but don't let that dash hopes

It comes with age, not wisdom necessarily as the Bible says, but rather an ability to recognize and fathom the depth of the divide facing our democracy. We have been here before, in the lifetimes of... Full story


Francy That: Newspapers have another life in novel home projects

As I wrapped my canna lily bulbs in newspaper to prepare them for winter storage, it dawned on me that I have taken the multi-purpose factor of already-read newspapers for granted. We have explored...


It's nice to have a local paper

We know as citizens of Carlton County that we are very fortunate. We live in one of the most bucolic domains of nature populated with magnificent forests, crystal clear streams, and multiple lakes...

 By Francy Chammings    News    July 31, 2020

Victims, witnesses have a friend in court system

Being a victim of or witness to a crime is something we all hope to avoid. But should that situation befall the residents of Carlton County, it is reassuring to know there is an individual working in... Full story


Political climate divides by color. Choose purple

Minnesotans have had an affinity for the color purple ever since the NFL Minnesota Vikings chose purple and white as their franchise colors and Prince cried “Purple Rain.” Throughout the... Full story


Guest column: In the garden, effort fertilizes

I am breaking the first rule of writers: "Write about what you know." Even though my husband and I have raised gardens for 50 years, my knowledge of the plant world remains quite incomplete. I come...


Lay cornerstones in the community

Our town, your town, my town. There are many small communities with a history which are questioning the future. Public television in Duluth recently aired the documentary “This Town,” which...


MEMORIAL DAY: Healing from war comes - in time

On Memorial Day weekend, we honor those who have died serving in the U.S. military. While Esko's Dale Erickson survived his stint in the Korean War, he came home a different person. "Some Marines... Full story


More than hens and roosters

It was April 7. Not all of the patches of snowdrifts and snowbanks had disappeared yet. The garden was too wet to step foot in, especially after the previous night's thunderstorm, but peeking through...

 By Francy Chammings    News    March 8, 2019

Find your stride at North Country Ride

They have fought in wars, plowed endless fields, delivered mail, and helped build civilizations for centuries. Their strength is still a measure of how powerful our machines are, and yet, their...


We are the answer

As 2019 begins, many of our old problems and challenges remain: gun violence, wars, homeland security, health care costs and too many more to name here. For most of us, the solutions to these conundru...


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